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This has is one of my favorite gym alternatives to date. I found this place in Lafayette and once I saw it I knew I’d love it. It’s a 26 foot indoor climbing gym. There you can free climb (up to a certain point), harness in and climb all the way up, boulder on some of the blocks in the middle, or some other activities. My first visit was on my 25th birthday and it was then I fell in love. This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had while actually pushing my body to its limits. You may hurt some while you’re climbing but it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll feel it after you leave or even the next day. This is how I spent last Saturday night and I couldn’t think of anything that I’d rather be doing.

The building is set up with different courses that have varying levels of difficulty. The more difficult ones have angled walls and pulls that are fewer and more spread out than the easy courses. One day I’m looking forward to being able to climb the advanced courses with no problem! But one piece of advice… keep the cameras at home. The shots of you climbing up the wall are extremely unflattering. But for the sake of my post I’ll include some of me.

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While looking up information about indoor climbing I ran across an aspect of the sport that I have never thought of before, problem solving skills. When you are on the wall you have to think and calculate each move of your hands and feet. And I am well aware that it builds trust and teamwork. If you get stuck on the wall you can rely on the person below belaying you to help direct your next move as well as you have to trust them and the rope to hold you.

While I was there I noticed getting up the wall is not the thing that scares me the most, I am terrified of coming down. So the instructor told me that is evidence that I have an inability to release control and trust in other people. I was speechless… I wanted to deny this but all I could say is you learned all this from me not wanting to come down the wall? But it does make perfect sense.

I often try to think of new and exciting activities I could get into to stay in shape and break up my normal routine. I’ve tried several different things so far but have you tried anything interesting? Would you do indoor rock wall climbing? If you don’t think it’s a good idea you should give it a second thought. It’s fun, call me up and I’d love to go with you! What’s better than a mind and body workout that’s fun and challenging?


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  1. Why is my head and arm only in the picture lol! Anyhoo.. Rock Climbing is awesome and I would do it every weekend if I could!!


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