My Fat Moments

Here’s a little and hopefully entertaining list for Labor Day. I did not put a post up Friday off so I decided not to take today off as well (I am trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule). Here are  a few events that have happened to me that made me stop and think maybe it is time to get my weight under control.

  • I was quite  used to the doctor telling me that it was time to lose weight every time I visited, but when the dermatologist told me it was time to lose weight I was slightly offended. Did that even have anything to do with her specialty? What effect could being fat have on my skin?
  • I reached a weight I said I’d never let myself get to over 30 pounds ago. I could have kept raising the number but I have decided that’s not in my best interest.
  • I could not wrap a large bath sized towel around myself. That embarrassed me a bit so I used to dry off with beach towels so I wouldn’t feel ashamed.
  • I had to lift my stomach up to clean underneath my rolls. (My coworker’s moment)
  • A friend set me up with one of his friends and I asked him why he chose this particular guy for me and he simply replied he’s the only guy I know that likes big girls.
  • When my “fat jeans” became my everyday jeans.
  • Everyday activities made me “fat breathe” that’s what I call when someone is breathing really hard for no reason other than being overweight.
  • I noticed a new roll! Now I am quite fond of my rolls. They are a part of me and hopefully they won’t always be there but I have learned to live with (and camouflage) them to the best of my ability. But I am not ready to live with any extra “friends”
  • Sitting “Indian style” or with crossed legs was uncomfortable and sometimes painful.
  • People ask how far along I am (assuming I’m pregnant).
  • Telling people that I used to be on they track team and their reply would be, “Oh you threw the shot put?”
Does anyone have any fat moments that they would like to share?  If you’re off today that means you have all day to get a good workout in! So what are you doing today? I’m considering doing my couch to 5k, but that all depends on the weather. I’ll work on a backup plan just in case it gets rainy this afternoon. Happy Labor Day to you all.
Update on last week’s progress:
Last week my “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” post shared my workout plans for the week. I said I would give updates so here’s how I did… I managed to get my four workouts in, but only did my couch to 5k twice. But I’ll attempt to do it four times next week to make up for missing one this week. I tried an aquatic cardio class for the first time and I went to a Pilates class.
This week’s goals…
I will be out of town part of the week so I’ll have more time for exercise. So here’s the plan: couch to 5k (30 minutes of walking/jogging) 4 times, 2 gym visits and at least one group class at the gym (optional). This is a pretty ambitious goal but I’m confident that I can make it.  If anyone’s interested in the day by day schedule let me know and I’ll include it on Wednesday’s post.

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  1. (Were those last two paragraphs there earlier? Or was I just half asleep when I read it this morning?)

    My fat moment? I saw a photo of myself in which I was beginning to get a “shelf-butt”.. that roll of lower back fat? And I swore (and made my sister swear to kick me) that I would never get that. Praise God Almighty, it’s taken six months, but it’s almost gone. Now to get rid of this stubborn belly fat……… hmmm….

    This was brave.

    • Shelf butt? Is it ok that I’m laughing right now, lol? But no the last two paragraphs were just added this morning. I realize I said I’d give an update and didn’t. I actually meant for the post to be funny but I think I missed my mark.


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