When you’re not feeling it…

From Concierge Matcher

Today I am feeling all out of sorts. (Written on Tuesday) I think I may have gotten three or four hours of sleep last night. And if you know me you would know I don’t miss out on my sleep! The sad part is I have no exciting reason for missing my Zz’s, just good ole not so good ole insomnia. When I have things on my mind sleep seems to get away from me. So I spent Monday night tossing and turning in the bed and needless to say Monday wasn’t a very pretty morning. I awoke with a headache and did not want to go to work at all BUT I got out of bed and proceeded to work. I don’t think I even looked at the mirror after I pulled my hair back. (Checks mirror now, oh not too bad) But anyways days like this what do you do? I can either tell myself I will get a workout in or I can use this day to try to catch up on my rest.

So let’s see I know I planned a jammed packed exercise schedule for this week and if I miss a workout on Tuesday that just doesn’t sit well with me because I don’t like to miss days early in the week. I feel like I’m setting my week up for failure. I can go straight home to my bed and try to catch up on the sleep that escaped me Monday night or I can “man up” and get my booty moving because I know this weight isn’t going to magically disappear.

Ok so my decision is to go ahead and work out because I know my body will thank me later. I know this is just one day but what happens when one turns into two? And after that three is right around the corner and now it’s a habit. I don’t want to sabotage my healthy with a few poor decisions. So here’s a list of things I’ll be telling myself all day to make sure I slip into gym clothes when I get home instead of my fuzzy slippers and a robe.

  1. My bed will always be waiting for me and if I make a habit of not working out my love handles will be with me everyday as well
  2. A nice little neighborhood stroll will allow me some time to clear my mind and hopefully lead to a peaceful night of sleep
  3. This is small decision but it’ll help me form healthy habits
  4. It won’t hurt me (well not too much)
  5. What does not kill you makes you stronger!

It’s official tonight I will get my 31 minute routine done and I’ll be that much closer to my goal this week. Who makes all this fuss about 31 minutes?
I’ll have two days of the 5k “training” complete and I can go to Shreveport Wednesday with the numbers on my side. Two work outs down and only five to go. Every day I strive to do and be better than I was the day before and sitting in bed just isn’t going to get me there.

How do you motivate yourself when you are not really feeling it? I have great inspiration and motivation all around me. So many of my friends are family are striving to become healthier versions of themselves and I couldn’t be happier! Do you use friends and family to help motivate you or are you pretty much self motivated? What are you going to do to make sure you meet your goals this week? Good luck and let’s all start some healthy habits today!


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