Let’s lift and separate

Photo by David Lawrence

It’s hard enough for busty gals to find a regular bra that lifts and separates properly. But when you add moderate or vigorous exercise without the proper support— Houston we have a problem! As I do more jogging and less walking (feel free to add the applause here!) it is becoming more and more evident that I am in need of new sports bras. The ones I have are suitable for working out in the gym, my new body pump class or any other low impact exercise. But when I jog and get into a good rhythm it’s terribly annoying when I’m distracted by unwanted extra bounce… So the hunt begins.

If you’re not overly busty God bless you! But for those of us that are it is important to have the proper support especially during exercise. (And nothing can mess up a good outfit quicker than the the wrong undergarments.)

Tips to find the perfect sports bra:

  • Wide straps and racer backs are best for the heavily endowed
  • The bra is too big if the material wrinkles or bunches
  • The right size may not be the size you normally wear, try on a few
  • Sports bras should fit snug but not cut into your skin
  • A proper fit allows you to slide two fingers under the straps
  • For high impact activities I prefer bra sized sports bras instead of shirt sized (S-M-L), they seem to have a much better fit
  • Higher impact sports bras will not have a stretchy material on the breast and will also have a snap closure (if it’s stretchy enough to pull over your head it’s not giving you maximum support)
  • Look for moisture absorbing fabrics to avoid chafing instead of 100% cotton that will hold moisture
  • And I like when they have two separate compartments (my girls don’t play well together)
I ran across this article and found it very interesting, it says that a ‘D’ sized breasts can bounce an average of 6-8 inches when running! I really loved the Shock Absorber D+ Max Sports Bra that was suggested on that site and  I found it online for only $39.99. Unfortunately it was not available in my size, so the hunt continues. I’ll let you know when I find one that meets all my needs and costs less than $60.

Shock Absorber D+ Max Sports Bra

Any busty ladies found the miracle sports bra that I’m in search of? If you have an amazing sports bra please share! Happy Friday!


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  4. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    I hate bras in general. I wish I never had to wear them. My boobs are tiny so it’s not like it’s an issue of support anyway unless I’m exercising, but I think other people would be offended by all the pointy nipple action if I went bra-less on a regular basis. Good luck!

    Bee tee dubs, my mother in law swears by this store called the Bra Genie in Mandeville. They are a bit pricey, but do custom fittings and have a good selection of quality bras. I would say they probably run $50-$100 each. Just get ready for store employees to be handling your girls pretty intimately.

    • Going bra-less is a dream of mine. But that would be incredibly vulgar and inappropriate!
      Thanks for the tip though I may have to stop by, but I am uncomfortable with the idea of strangers getting intimate with my goods. Maybe I can get over it for the sake of a good bra!

  5. Yes indeed. I have yet to find any ONE bra that works, so I’ve taken to wearing 2 for high-impact exercise. It was annoying at first, but it works great for me now.

    Let me know when you find one!


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