It’s time for a change

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It’s time for me to get me act together! Since I started this blog my workout routine has really improved and I am happy about that but you may notice I haven’t written one post about food or eating habits. The reason is because that is not one of my stronger areas. Lately I’ve eaten anything and everything I want without second guessing it. And yes I do believe that you should eat what you want because banishing items from your diet will only make you crave these things. But in order for that to work you have to use moderation. And I have not been using proper judgement or eating in moderation.

So when you feel there is a failure that only means you have to evaluate what you are doing and take this opportunity to make some changes. So I already stated what the problem is so now I have to get a plan together so I don’t sabotage my goals. Here’s the plan… I ‘m going to make myself start counting calories again. Although it is a bit tedious I do enjoy playing with numbers. My belief is I will put more thought into what and how much I’m eating if I have to keep a record of it. I log my meals and snacks on lose it, but mostly I use the mobile app so I can keep up with my calorie count on the go. The app has nutritional information for restaurants, supermarket and even home-made meals. This is also where I’ve tracked my weight for the past year and a half. That app allows you estimate how many calories you should consume daily, but I prefer to use an online calorie calculator because I think it’s more accurate. and I don’t want to discriminate so here’s a link to the online calorie counter for menThe counter uses your height, weight and desired weight to calculate how many calories you should consume daily to lose weight at a healthy pace or even how many you should eat if you just want to maintain your current weight.

So I’ll start tomorrow and hopefully in the near future I can have some posts about my healthy eating habits, recipes, and other food related topics instead of only writing about exercise. I hope this calorie counting helps and the pounds will start shedding off. So what difficulties have you faced in your own journey? And what steps are you taking to fix them before they sabotage your progress?


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