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This weekend is pretty big for me because it’s a pretty ambitious one. It’s my first night-time 5k. I’m excited to participate in the BR Zombie Bash. I’m not creative enough to come up with a zombie costume that’ll be comfortable enough for my race but I’ll just be in the official t-shirt. And it’s not nearly as cute as I thought it would be. I’m extremely disappointed. And this is my last weekend of my Spectrum trial so I’m going to body pump and Zumba Saturday morning. So don’t be surprised if Monday all I say is how I can’t walk very well.

This is my first race since I’ve started the couch to 5k. And I’m on the end of the fourth week, so that’s about half way through. I can’t wait to see how this app affects my time. I’ve bought new pants, bra, insoles, and shoes so there’s absolutely no excuse to not do well today. (You can read about my bra struggle, I hope this one goes well. I’ll make sure to give an update.) I am more than ready and I do expect to have a great race. Today I’m hoping to shave 3-5 minutes off my last time.

Did I mention it’s sponsored by the thirteenth gate (hunted house) and TJ Ribs? Man I’m looking forward to a few BBQ samples when I cross the finish line! I hope I save enough calories to enjoy myself! And maybe the second coolest part is after the race there will be a breakout of the Thriller dance.

Well I’m crisscrossing my good ole state of Louisiana today and I hope that doesn’t affect my race. I’ll be going from Monroe to Lafayette to Baton Rouge. And then a few hours later the race will start. Ideally I will find a nap or some down time in the day at some point, so I have to find a couch to crash on for an hour or so in the downtown area. I so miss living in the middle of the city!!!!

So I you’re in the area drop by the thirteenth gate and cheer the runners on. Even the slow barely joggers like myself! And then watch the zombies do the Thriller at 7 I believe. I think I’m going to have some fun tonight, even if I’m totally worn out afterwards.

Confession… my calorie counting didn’t go well yesterday. I have some major changes to make. My body is my master piece and a constant work in progress.

What big plans do you have for the weekend? Anyone offering a couch for me or how about an affordable mid-city real estate for me to purchase? Yes I know that’s totally off subject but that’s me, a collection of rambles! Happy Friday and make this one a good one.


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  2. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    Wish I had seen this on Friday, I would have invited you to come nap at my house!


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