Plans don’t always go as planned

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Lesson learned- broccoli cheddar soup is not a smart or proper pre 5k meal. And when I say I learned that lesson, boy did I ever learn that lesson. But for the sake of my non-vulgar little blog I’ll spare you all the not so pretty details.

Other than the soup, getting to the race was pretty much a disaster. Things were left at the house, many stops were made, and of course we were late. We arrived at the race site just as the crowd started moving. I looked around confused and said, “OH it’s starting?” I want to go to a race where I actually have proper notification when it begins. I want to hear someone over a loudspeaker yell, “GO!” So that’s my main focus for my next race (which will most likely be the end of October). I want to be ready and hear the start so I don’t have a clumsy and awkward beginning.

But with such a dismal start I tried to focus and get all that out of my head as I began my first interval of the race. I was still strapping my armband on as I tried to set a decent starting pace. As I finally got myself situated it started going really well. I kept up my pace pretty well until I crossed the two-mile marker. From there it got a little tough for me.

I didn’t get a chance to get my timer started at the beginning so I was convinced that I wasn’t doing too well. But I crossed the finish line with six minutes shaved off my last race time. I was really surprised that I did so well, but I have to admit that I was not happy about my performance. So there’s plenty of room for improvement. Next time I can aim for five minutes off my time again! And then maybe I’ll be brave enough to share my time with you all! I’m becoming a slow-paced jogger runner! Yay!!!

After the 5k there was a Thriller “flash mob”. It was pretty cute, here are some pics. I’m sorry that it isn’t the best quality pics but I left my camera and my backpack to carry the camera so cell phone pics are the best I could do.

Saturday I planned on doing Zumba and Bodypump. Well that didn’t go as planned either… Zumba was canceled and replaced with step class. And my ankle and I were in no shape or form to do a bunch of hopping around so I went to another gym for Zumba class. That gym had Zumba and Bodypump at the same times so we chose to do Zumba. And to torch a few extra calories I hopped on the treadmill after the class. I attempted to do a day of the couch to 5k but my body was not tolerating running, jogging or any of the sorts. So I walked for thirty minutes and was quite satisfied with that.

So the moral of my weekend was sometimes things don’t go your way but don’t give up. There’s always another way to get what you want you just have to use your noggin! I have a hard time with that because I’m such a planner. (Some people may say control freak, but I can give up control if I’m warned ahead of time.) Just because I couldn’t take my Bodypump class I was upset, but I thought to try another gym and get a workout in instead of sulking about it. And the race… I didn’t let all the difficulties beforehand stop me from doing what I went to do! I keep thinking wonder how well I would have done if I had given 100%? Well there’s always next time, and I can’t wait! It only gets better from here.

How was your weekend? Did anyone have small disasters? Time to make a plan for this week! Let’s hope it goes as scheduled! Have a good week!!!


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  1. I just want to let you know I’ve checked out the blog and love it! I am so proud of you and wish you the best in your journey. You may not know this, but you are inspiring me to have a healthier life. I plan on losing 25 lbs by my birthday, so we can be silky slim together ;-). Keep up the good work.


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