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I wish I believed in magic. It would be great to have the ability of Samantha from “Bewitched” to just wiggle my nose and make something magically appear. That would make life so much easier, but I guess I wouldn’t be grateful for much if I was able to have anything and everything I wanted with a simple nose twitch.

Things that come easily aren’t as appreciated as things I’ve had to work hard for. And somehow knowing this I still wish more things came along easily. It doesn’t quite make sense. I want to work hard and give my all in every aspect of my life, but at times I feel I need to be able to take a peek into the future and make sure my hard work is going to pay off to stay motivated.

What if things I keep pushing so hard and my goals never get achieved? In everything you do is it satisfying to just know you tried your best even if you don’t do as well as you wanted to? I like to think I aim for the stars, but truth is I don’t do that all the times because I don’t think I’ll ever get there. But what about the times when I try hard and don’t even get half way there? I think that what stops a lot of people including myself.

Would you prefer a magical wave of the wand with instant results and no appreciation or a great deal of effort with an appreciation for your achievements? Is something so wrong with aiming for the stars but expecting to hit a cloud?


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  1. Always aim for those stars because you have hit a couple of them. There are more to to get.


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