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Busy weekends and Monday posts don’t quite go well together, but I’ll get it together. Let’s all pretend this was up yesterday! Who would have thought that I had work to do yesterday at work???

I thought I have hiked before, but what I did this weekend was definitely a first for me. We ventured out to the Clark Natural Creek Area somewhere along the Mississippi and Louisiana border. Sometimes when I looked up directions it said LA and sometimes MS, needless to say I got lost on the way there but thankfully there was an officer who gave us directions to our destination.

It was my workout buddy as well as my first time hiking. And although we made it out fine and had a great time it could have been better if we had an experienced hiker with us.

The hike lasted about three hours (including a lunch break of 20-30 minutes). I wish I could say that we’re a couple of great adventurers and navigated the trails perfectly but that is so far from the truth. There were many times when we’d look at each other and say oh what now? But we made it out as we entered AND before dark (we started at about 2pm) so I am happy about all of that. Here’s are some cell phone pics of our adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Come to find out they had MAPS!!! Why did I miss this? I am really sad that I didn’t have a map but I am quite impressed that I, a geographically challenged person didn’t get completely lost in the woods.

Don’t let the Dora the Explorer picture fool you, she had no clue either!

My scariest moment was on the stairs to nowhere. I was terrified of walking down stairs when I could not see the bottom(this is not a picture of that set of stairs). I did have a moment, but we don’t need to go into the details of me balling up on a stair and shouting that I’m not going any farther!

As I look for accurate information for this post I am amazed at all the maps and step by step trail directions I am finding on the internet that would have been so beneficial to me on Saturday! I guess I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been but at least my adventure still turned out well.  This trail map and directions would have been quite helpful a few days ago.  The main trail descends over 200 feet in elevation from the parking lot down to Clark Creek! If I would have read this before I went, I may have sought out a hiking expert to accompany us. And guess what else? They mentioned this area is home to many forms of wildlife including the Black bear… If I would have seen a bear I probably would have dropped dead right there. But apparently the sightings are rare, but it can happen.

As much as this post sounds like a scary tale, we had a great time and I’m sure I’ll go back soon. Next time I’ll have a map and proper bear defense (whatever that may be). Happy Monday! (I’m still in denial that this is late!)

The link from my friend Bekah’s blog that was mentioned in  wasn’t working so here it is Rebekah Hopes.

Feel free to share some of your greatest adventures with me or do you have any hiking tips that I could use for next time?


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  2. I love the pictures. Ms Hope blog is so deep but both of you are helping alot of young women is world.


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