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So yesterday you guys met my workout buddy that I nicknamed Dora the Explorer. I think it may be time for a formal introduction to my work out buddy. I’ve mentioned her many times before because more than half of the time I’m working out she’s right there beside me. Her name is Tatiyana. Sometimes I’ll call her Tati or to her dismay, Tater. She doesn’t like that one at all but she doesn’t bother to fuss at me for calling her it anymore! Who wouldn’t want to be nicknamed after deep-fried goodness of tater tots? Silly girl!

Some people may be able to self motivate and keep themselves on track, but I’ve realized that I can’t do it by myself… I need help. If you’re anything like me your choice of workout buddy is extremely important to you achieving your goals.

It is okay to choose a partner that is a little more or less advanced than you. I don’t think physical abilities are important as will and determination. Through our various activities she’s been able to encourage, push, and even scowl at me when necessary. And I feel that’s exactly what a good workout buddy will do for you. She has her own journey and I’m very proud of the progress she’s made and I also have to credit her for some of my loss as well.

Sometimes our schedules don’t allow us to exercise together but we do talk about what we’ve done separately. I want her to succeed just as much as she wants me to and I think that’s why Dora and I make a good team.

We’re going to do an Amazing race style race in November and that’ll test how good we work as a team! I’m really excited about that race. It’s called the Amazing Raise Presents Battling Batten’s, sign up and get ready to eat our dust! I love talking smack! That race is November 19 in Baton Rouge for anyone interested.

Also on our race schedule is New Roads Fall Festival 5k next weekend and the Reindeer Run in December. This year we completed our first 5k and clearly this has been the year of 5ks. But next March is a Mardi Gras Mambo 10k and I’m hoping next year will be the year of the 10k.

Anyways I couldn’t do any of this without Dora by my side, so you all should find your own Dora. And hopefully you can find one that’ll help you find your way out of the woods because mine can’t!  Or do you already have a work out buddy? What ways do they help you and what types of activities do y’all do together?

I have an announcement scheduled for Friday! I realized a key component of my blog was missing so hopefully I’ll be able to get it done and show it to you on Friday! Every new day is another opportunity for greatness. Let’s all go out and be great today.


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