Running on empty

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Saturday is my next race and I’m hoping that it goes a lot smoother than the Zombie Bash did! I am confident that there won’t be as many complications with this race because it is a Saturday morning race and we’ve done a few of those before. I think the problem with the Zombie Bash was it was our first evening race and we weren’t quite sure of the proper protocol.

So even though my last work out was last Saturday’s hike (yes I know that’s sad), I still hope I can do a fairly decent race. I would be happy shaving 3-5 minutes off my race. But I think I need to get motivated to get at least one practice 5k in before Saturday. I hate when life gets in the way of my goals. I would love to take a break from everything in my life and just focus on my fitness and weight loss goals.

When I’m in need of a little motivation I go on over to Black Girls Run, it’s a very informative blog that I read often. There I can read stories of other runners, tips on running better, and even playlists to listen to while I run. This blog is nominated in Shape magazine’s 2011 Best Fitness blogger. Check out the site and vote for them for the 2011 Shape Fitness Blogger Award.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to be nominated for a blogger award! A girl can dream! I have to run now, a long day of training. And hopefully I’ll get my butt up and run later today!

What are your favorite weight loss or fitness blogs? Do they help motivate you or just give useful information? Would you have voted for me? Vote for Black girls run! Voting ends Friday.


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