Journey to finding and loving yourself

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So this may seem a bit backwards but I picked up this book and was totally moved by the quote on the back cover.

“I’m Loved, I’m valued, and I’m capable of achieving balance in my life. I can learn to eat well. I can exercise. I can express gratitude for the simple act of being able to breathe in and breathe out. I can move away from darkness and depression to light and hope. I can be happy with who I am, not what I should be, or what I might have been, or what somone tells me I must be.

I am me, the true me; you are you, the true you-and that’s good. That’s beautiful. That’s enough.”

Any guesses on the mystery author of this quote? I’ll wait for it… waiting… ok I don’t have all day. It’s Miss Janet Jackson. Talking about just when I need it. Ever since I read that quote a day or two ago I can’t get it out of my mind. Those are exactly the words I need right now.

The book is True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m excited to do so. For the last week or two I haven’t made time for anything beneficial to my life. My exercising has been almost non-existent. My eating habits have been horrible, I’ve had more fast food in these two weeks than I’ve had in the last two or three months. Yes I know I have to get out of this slump. This dark and horrible place that’s not helping me in any way.

I’m hoping Janet’s story can help give me the motivation that I need. The summary states that the book will explore Janet’s struggles with weight, self-esteem and dealing with her fame. She shares fitness tips from her trainer Tony Martinez. Her nutritionist, David Allen writes a section and Chef André (of A Cafe) shares a variety of recipes in the back.

I know I should have waited until I actually read the book to write about it, but I couldn’t wait because the quote was just too good not to share. I can’t wait to sit down and plunge into this book. It’s hard to believe that a world-famous celebrity goes through some of the same struggles as you, even though they can afford trainers, nutritionists, and chefs. it makes me think no matter how much money you have, managing your weight is a difficult process.

I feel so much better about my situation now, although I know it HAS to get better. We’re all human and we can make mistakes, but it should be a learning experience and I can’t wallow in self-pity. That’s a dangerous and ugly place like falling in a bottomless pit. So I’m going to get up and say I will not continue to fall. I’m going to stand on my own two feet! I’m working out today and I’m going to have a great race tomorrow!

Happy Friday everyone and if you can relate to the place I’m in now and have some encouraging words, I’d love to hear! Let’s be better tomorrow than we were today. Results don’t happen overnight… You’ve got to WORK! Are you ready? I think I’m ready, so let’s GOOOOOO! (I’ll let you know if the book is as good as the quote on the back cover.)


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  1. So I guess I should get rid of the cake scraps I brought in today? lol.. I’ll tell Jeffrey to eat up! 😉

    I know the feeling of wanting to stay in self pity. All too well.. but it’s in those moments that I say “Okay, run through this.” Literally. Get up and run. Claw my way out of that hole. You feel so much more accomplished when you do!

    I am so proud of you for your persistence! You can do it (we can do it) so KEEP IT UP! Lets keep going!


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