Mind over Body

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I had no idea I could get out of shape so quickly! I know my last 5k showed me the negative effects two weeks of no exercise has in my body, but man I didn’t know how bad it really was until yesterday. I was in my hotel room and wasn’t too impressed with the hotel gym and I definitely wasn’t up to getting my car from the valet, tipping and heading to the gym (only 10 minutes away). Yes I know I was being super lazy and super picky, but all this doesn’t matter as long as I get at least thirty minutes of exercise for today.

So that left me with plan C…workout in my room. I was about to put together a routine myself but then I remembered an app I had on my phone (sometimes I do really love that thing). I pulled up my Nike Training Club app and pulled up a 30 minute beginner workout. Five minutes into the thing I had to pause it for a sip of water! If my trainer could see me then I’m sure she would be super embarrassed! 

I thought I was fit and in shape, but clearly that was three weeks ago when I was sticking to my regular workout plans! I see that it takes between two and three weeks for your body to get used to no exercise, but I wonder how long will it take to reverse all the damage I’ve done in these past few weeks? The damage will be reversed!

I don’t know if my body agrees with me or not but I have to just tell my body that the mind is taking over now. I know what’s best for us and you will submit to me! (A bit too much maybe???) But seriously I’m interested to know how long it’ll take me to regain my endurance.

Exercise everyday for 30 days! That’s my November challenge I wrote about Wednesday. I’m a math person so I have to keep telling myself no just because you do an hour today doesn’t mean you’re exempt from activity tomorrow! Man because I could get 3.5 hours done in two or three days and be done for the week! But the point of this challenge is to develop a habit of daily exercise, nit just getting a certain amount of gym time in.

Did you notice my new weight tracker at the bottom of the column on the right? Do you like/dislike? Too cheesy? And I’ve finally got a new page together to track my weight and goals that will be revealed on Monday along with my weigh in. Just saying weigh in makes me nervous! I’m shaking in my running shoes!

Good luck to everyone doing a challenge of their own! We may not all personally know each other but we’re all in this together! Happy Friday y’all!


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