The scale is not my friend

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235.2 was the magic number this morning. I shouldn’t say magic number because it’s making me feel anything but magical. That number is definitely going in the wrong direction. That’s almost a whole pound and a half up from two weeks ago. I am convinced this scale is possessed! (Joking)

I have to say I was really reluctant to make this post today. And please forgive me for not taking a picture of the scale. I don’t know if I didn’t get a picture because subconsciously I didn’t want to acknowledge that number or if I really was too busy this morning. But my best guess is it was a little of both. But I can’t make progress if I ignore the facts. So where to go from here?

I have to get more aggressive with my thirty minutes per day exercise. And maybe in a couple weeks I’ll bump it up to 45 minutes? But yesterday I had so much fun with my exercise! I played the Michael Jackson dance game on the Wii with my niece. She’s the greatest nine year-old I know. And she’s a great dancer too. She beat me 12 games to 6. After all that dancing (well attempting to dance for me) we were both tired and sweaty. Great work out!

Last week I finally put together a new weight tracking page. You can take a look at The Numbers here and share any comments or suggestions on how to improve its look. (Other than start losing some weight!)

You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’re at. So it’s time to start getting there. I will go to the gym at least twice this week and start over my couch to 5k app. If you remember that, I did about four or five weeks before I stopped because it was getting a little too difficult for me. Three days this week may be a bit over ambitious, but I can commit to two. I’m excited about the gym; I haven’t seen the inside of an Anytime Fitness in quite some time!

Who’s doing the 30 day challenge with me? How’s your first week going? Has your scale been friendlier to you than mine has to me? I’ll get back on its good side! I’m looking forward to Monday!


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  1. Excited to follow your journey! Don’t ever be discouraged! Scales are probably the ugliest form of truth I can think of, but you’re on the right track. See what might have spurred it, and you’ll be good to go! You can do it! 🙂

  2. I’m doing the 30 day challenge and it’s going great! My body is tired and sore though from working out every night. I usually dance hard in my room, but I’ve been doing exercise dvds the last couple of nights. The scale was my friend today 🙂 Don’t get discouraged by the number. Keep going. You have made great progress so far!


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