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I don’t have anything prepared for you today and I’m in a bit of a rush (story of my life) so I thought I’d just be the middle-woman and share this article “Get juiced” that I read in Anytime Fitness (magazine)

According to a study presented at the 2011 Experimental Biology meeting, drinking 100% fruit juice may prevent multiple diseases, including the conditions listed below. Researchers said that all the fruit juices were linked to greater antioxidant activity. Remember, this is real fresh juice, not the sugary concentrate loaded with chemicals that sometimes claim to be “real”. Read labels!

Fruit juice                       Benefit

Cranberry                          Helps prevent urinary-tract disease

Grape & apple                  Helps protect against cognitive decline

Pomegranate                   Reduces risk of prostate disease

Orange & grapefruit       Reduces risk of respiratory and digestive cancers

I’m looking forward to sleeping in this Friday and having something interesting for you to read. Maybe something festive and holiday appropriate? Who knows what’ll run through my mind in the next couple of days.

Have a good week, remember our goals, have some juice  and I’ll talk to you on Friday!


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