Holiday pounds

It’s November? When did that happen? The holiday season is here. Lots of vacation time, lots of food, and lots of alcoholic beverages! I am not ready emotionally, physically, or financially. But just because you’re not ready doesn’t mean it won’t happen. So guess what I have to do? GET READY! I’ve thought of various ways I could limit the amount of pounds I pack on this winter, but I don’t have a concrete plan yet. But I’ll share my options.

I was thinking of doing a no processed food fast for a few weeks before Christmas and Thanksgiving. During these fasts I go a certain amount of time only eating fruit, vegetables and beans. If you know me you’d know I was probably born eating steaks and pork chops! I’m a meat eater and I could and would never give that up for longer than a short period of time. Sometimes I’ll add another food group so it’ll be a little easier for me to nourish my body. Once I did the fast and included cereal. I think that was funny because I included what I consider to be the poster child of processed foods.

My 30 day challenge was a way to try to avoid packing on extra holiday pounds but it isn’t going as well as I thought. I’m finding that I am able to do thirty minutes a day, but I find myself lacking in intensity of the workouts. So I get good quality workouts only a few times a week. And here’s my confession… I cheated yesterday. I totally fell asleep before completing my half hour of activity! And I don’t know how to make that right with myself. I’m going to the gym this morning so I’ll bust my buns to make up for my lack of activity yesterday. So although I think this plan was good in theory, it may need a bit of tweaking to produce the results I’m looking for.

Another option was getting a trainer for a few months, but that idea was quickly nixed because it’ll interfere with my financial goals. Maybe next year I’ll find a trainer when they start running the New Year or summer specials.
Lastly I thought I should hide out from the holidays. All the cakes, pies, and gut busting side dishes. I read somewhere someone said I’m allergic to sweets… they make my stomach swell. I should start taking that to heart because it is definitely true!

How are you planning on keeping the pounds off during the winter months when you just want to cozy up to a good book and read in bed? I know stay focused and practice moderation. But that doesn’t work for me and it definitely will be hard with all the extra temptations that will be presented in the next couple months. However, I know that it’s possible and I can keep up with my routine . I think I may just have to hang a swimsuit above my bed. That may keep me focused!

Thank you to all the men and women of the armed forces that make our country safe for us all. Have a great Veteran’s Day and a great weekend. Let’s get up and move!


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  1. my plan is to be kind to myself. if i overindulge for a meal, that doesn’t mean i’ve completely blown everything and i might as well give up and just eat what i want! lol Getting right back on my plan when I get off is my plan for the holidays. Good luck to you!


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