Sunday=Fun day

It’s Monday and that means weigh day! I don’t know why I decided to give myself another reason to dislike Mondays! But I’m just a bit cruel like that? But I’m sure Monday will soon become a celebratory day. So enough of the stalling, let’s get to the numbers.

This morning I weighed in at 234.2. That’s not bad at all, I’ll take it. But I do have a fancy new scale. I’m not impressed because it really isn’t living up to all its hype. It is supposed to tell your body fat percentage and body hydration level, but I can’t get either of them to work. And this morning I had to step on it a few times before it gave me the same reading more than once. So, as much as I love the appearance, if it’s not functional then there’s no use for it. So I’m scale shopping again. I hate that I’m using different scales because I feel like that’s not keeping a consistent portrayal of my weight. You can take a look at the progress here.

My workout yesterday was so much fun. I played with the kids; I couldn’t take another loss to my niece on the Wii so yesterday afternoon we took our workout outside. I jumped and played on the trampoline with her and my nephew (who isn’t into the Michael Jackson game on the Wii at all, he’s more of a golfer). I remember jumping for what seemed like forever on my cousin’s trampoline when I was younger, BUT now in my late twenties I cannot hang! I found myself taking breaks and needing to rehydrate. What a fun workout. Kids are so creative; they came up with all kinds of games to play on the trampoline. I am starting to love incorporating them into my activity plan!

Today is my last mini road trip of the year so hopefully I can have more time to dedicate to my blog and have some helpful tips instead of these brief run-downs of my life. I’m choosing to make today great. How about you? It’s your choice!


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