Rewriting the rules

I’m trying something different for a few weeks. Well actually it’s not too different since it’s something I’ve done  a few times in the past. I’m minimizing my intake of processed foods. When I started doing this a few years back I did so with the intention of doing a fruit and vegetable fast. I quickly discovered that was not a good option for me because basically I’d end up starving everyday. So over the years my little fruit and veggie fast have turned into something with a new set of rules.

I started on Monday and I plan to do this for at least two weeks. I haven’t forgotten about Thanksgiving, that’s my one free day! No limitations but I’ll try not to eat so much that I undermine all my healthy choices for this week. (We’ll have to see on Monday’s weigh in) But I am doing this so I won’t overload on all the Thanksgiving leftovers desserts all weekend. And also I need to drop a few pounds before my weigh in for my family’s weight loss challenge. I am such a procrastinator so it’s really not a surprise that I’ve waited until the last couple weeks to give it my all and attempt to steal the prize.

I got the idea to do this from an old roommate who would go on a raw fast. She wouldn’t eat anything that had to be cooked. At the time I thought she was insane, but her fast opened me up to the idea of creating my own.

So I can eat all fruits, vegetables, beans, cheese and nuts. Cooked or raw. I can eat one grain a day. But rice or tortillas only. I cannot eat any bread, pasta, or meat. Most condiments are allowed, I won’t get into that list. I’m going back and forth about eggs and milk. I haven’t had any so far but I haven’t excluded it from my list yet either. And I know you noticed cheese on my list. I’m a definite cheese head! I can’t give up cheese. I gave it up for Lent one year and it was SERIOUSLY one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  And tofu? I can’t decide if I should allow that or not. I keep thinking about my tofu noodles with zucchini and mushroom sauce… yum! I should have that. So you’re wondering what I’ve been eating?



This is the stuff dreams are made of! 🙂


Refried beans, cheese and fat free sour cream. Less than 300 calories with my kiwi dessert!


My new kind of dessert


This morning was a smoothie. (I forgot my snack at home so I’m actually starving as I write this) I have a black bean soup for lunch today that I can’t wait to try. I think the recipe may need a little tweaking, but I’m happy that I’ve pulled down the slow cooker! Anyone have any slow cooker recipes that’ll fit into my guidelines? Regular recipes are fine too, I just love waking up to a cooked meal. It’s like magic! Just throw some stuff in a pot, go to sleep and awake with lunch! I plan on cooking a tomato-parmesean soup as well as a Japanese onion soup (chicken broth, green and white onions, and mushrooms).

This is what I have been eating this week, it’s been good but I’m excited about fried turkey and smoked roast tomorrow! Happy Turkey Day to you all. Enjoy your friends, family and most importantly the food! Don’t forget to think about what you’re thankful for and don’t forget your self-control! (The self-control was directed towards me) I’m thankful that you all continue to look at my blog and support my journey.





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  2. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    Girl! Can you share some of these recipes? Tofu noodles with zucchini and mushroom sauce? Tomato and Parmesan soup? Please share!

    • I’m the worst at sharing recipes. I usually have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But I’ll try to use proper measurements and share a recipe or two!


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