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I’m happy that I finally worked out yesterday! Yay for me, but please hold your applause. I accidentally ate meat yesterday. You may ask how do you accidentally eat meat? Well, I ordered something that I thought was vegetarian and it turned out that when I bit into it there was beef. Oops! I thought it was funny actually. I was starving and headed to an appointment so I just went with it. I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

But back to my workout, it was fun. I guess that’s what I needed to get my booty up and make me sweat. I tried a new Zumba class from a Groupon I purchased a week or so ago. This was probably my favorite Zumba instructor I’ve taken so far. I’ve taken Zumba classes from four or five different instructors and they’ve all been slightly different experiences, but all have been enjoyable.

One teacher I really didn’t enjoy her music that much, a little too much salsa and Latin music for my taste. Another was a really hard workout but it just wasn’t as fun as the others. Dana at Wild Tiger Yoga was my favorite because the she was so into it. She was signing along to all the songs, she’s a great dancer, and I felt like we were doing choreography in a music video. What girl doesn’t dance in the mirror at some point at pretend she’s in a music video? I know I can’t be alone on that one.

My Groupon was for three classes, and I would love to do more but I just don’t think it’s that realistic for me. The place is more than thirty minutes away from my home and the only times I can make it there are after my second job and that’s a very high traffic time. Yesterday it took me 35 minutes to get from my client’s house to the yoga studio. And it was only ten miles away. Yeah I don’t see myself volunteering to sit in that traffic every week. But if it was closer I definitely would have added it to my weekly regiment.

Working out was a small victory, but doesn’t everything start small? I’m going to build on that and keep the momentum going. I’m focused and ready! Are you?







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  1. Dana: Drop it low girl!
    Me: I can drop it low but idk if i can pick back up lol!


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