Louisiana Osteperosis Study (You can get a $25 gift card)

Last week I participated in a bone health assessment conducted by Tulane University’s Department of Biostatistics. It is a very interesting study on osteoporosis. And I do not think I was at risk for that particular disease but I decided to participate anyways.

The part that I was most interested in was my body scan. So my bones are fine, but the test was able to calculate that percentage of fat in my different body parts and show me this creepy boy scan of a snowman looking thing and trying to convince me it was me! Ok, I’m joking it was me, but I think it looks quite similar to a snowman. Here’s the link to the snowman picture, which is hard to see and an example of one of the four scans of my bones. 20111214071846277 

Here are my fat percentages:

Left arm 41.9%
Right arm 43.7%
Trunk (mid section) 38.2%
Left leg 30.0%
Right leg 32.6%
Head 25.6%
Total 35.8%

 A healthy percentage for my age is below 31.5%. So interesting enough excluding my head, the only part of my body that has a healthy fat percentage is my left leg. But my left body has more muscle than my right even though I’m right-handed. My right leg is almost there! But that right arm? I have to work on that.

But for anyone who is interested in the study here are the details:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • No severe uncontrolled chronic diseases
  • Be willing to have blood drawn for genetic testing

The test didn’t take long at all less than an hour including everything. You get rewarded with a $25 gift card (mine was a Walmart card). The tests are given in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. You have to make an appointment for your scan though. You can contact them and ask about the Louisiana Osteoporosis Study.

Baton Rouge
3870 Convention Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225-381-2721 or 225-381-2723
New Orleans
1440 Canal Street
NOLA 70112
504-988-1016 or 504-988-1056

Go out and get your bone scan and find out how healthy your bones are! Who couldn’t use a $25 gift card?

And as far as my strenuos week goes I’m hanging on. Looking forward to a victory on Saturday! I’ll tell you all about my week on Friday.


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  1. “You too fat! Too fat! Must lose weight!” lol…..

    This was actually on the news last night!


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