Show me the money

And the pot of moolah goes to… yours truly! Am I excited that I won the challenge? Absolutely. Even though I felt like my competitors did not give it their all. But I am happy regardless. I could have done better and they could have done better.

I consider myself  a woman of my word. Since I won my competition, you can win a part of my pot as well. I will be giving away $25 cash reward (via Paypal). I know it’s a small amount but hey I do what I can people! This is my small way to say thanks to all of you that support what I am trying to do with my blog and myself.

The Contest:

For people not subscribed to the blog, all you have to do is subscribe and make a commentletting me know you’s like me to show you the money. If you’re already subscribed to the blog, simply comment on any of the blog posts this week letting me know that they are interested in winning the prize. Simple enough? I think so. The winner will be announced on Monday’s post.

Entries must be made by Monday morning at 8am central time.  And the winner will be randomly drawn by hand or I think it’ll be more exciting to do a good old hand drawing but I’ll leave my options open!

If the winner isn’t set up for PayPal and would like me to mail an electronic gift card of some type then that would be fine as well. They can just let me know where they would like the gift card from.

This is my first giveaway so I think I covered everything. If I missed something just let me know. Good luck!

And if anyone would like a 30 day free trial to Foxy’s Fitness (here in Baton Rouge just let me know. I have about five of those and they’ll go to the first people who ask. It’s a 30 day trial that you have to start by January 31st. I don’t want them to go to waste so just send me an email if you want one or two!


7 responses »

  1. I’m a new subscriber and I’d love to win 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

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  3. I just signed up and am excited about the giveaway. Thanks for adding a link so I could backtrack to the challenge you were talking about. Congrats on winning! Maybe I should do something like that.

  4. I’m already subscribed! (as you should know) so put my name in the pot! And I want some more info on these Foxy’s things… like where are they located?

  5. Winning the prize would be awesome! 😀 Congrats!!


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