Getting fit is my number one priority. I think about where my life is now and all that I have going on, and I can honestly say nothing comes before my health. I have dreams and goals that are not health or weight related but they come second to every fitness related activity in my life.

I think of my friends and how I’ve neglected some and grown much closer to others and it all has to do with fitness. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle and are exercising regularly then we have gotten closer and I’m sure this topic is more than half of our conversations. My life has been taken over by this journey. And if you want to hang out with me I’d probably suggest some kind of calorie burning activity. And if you’re not into that then I’ll have to spend time with you once I accomplish my goal and am able to slow down a bit.

I’m not nearly the healthy eater I should be but I find myself talking about health way too much. I love swapping recipes and healthy tips with friends. Sometimes I think I can just go out and have fun like a normal 20 something, but it just isn’t as gratifying as being active. Yes it feels good to unwind but burning calories and meeting goals feels so much better.

I look back on this year and the people who I’ve gotten closer to are the ones that have the same goals and aspirations as I do. And the people who I thought would never fade away are the ones who probably wouldn’t go on a hike or take am evening jog with me. But this is life and I am happy that so many people are along with for this ride, because I think it may be more difficult without your help.

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