Happily ever after

I’ve never really been the happily ever after type of girl. I almost tricked myself into believing I was at one point, but I came to my senses. I’m convinced that happiness is created totally inside of me and therefore no one has control of it but me. Happiness is a choice that I can make each day when I wake up in the morning. And I have to say it’s a hard choice to make at times. I wish it was easier to make that decision, but for me it’s not. But here’s what I realized by trying to make this decision.

 Happiness is not found on a scale, on a plate or new dress. True happiness can only be found within yourself. I’ve struggled with relying on things or other people to put a smile on my face but that’s an impossible feat. This year I am thankful for myself. I am thankful that God has given me everything I need to be happy. And as a bonus I was also given some great friends and family that are there to support me along the way. And not to mention all my faceless supporters in blogosphere, I love you all and you truly mean so much to me.

 Enough with the sappy stuff I guess that’s what the holidays do to us. But if you celebrate Christmas then I hope you have a very merry one. I’m a little late for the Hanukkah celebrators but I hope that you had a great one. Happy Kwanza to all those who celebrate the holiday.

 Reminder: Don’t forget about the giveaway. Monday’s post will announce the winner! A little present from me to one of you.


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  1. Happiness comes and goes. It’s kinda like love and like. Joy is the thing we’re after in life.


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