Holiday Habits

Happy holidays. Or is it too late to still say that? I hope you practiced more self-control than I did over this past festive weekend. The sad part is that it didn’t just last a weekend. It probably lasted up until yesterday.

I have a cheese obsession so it’s no surprise that my favorite holiday indulgence is mac and cheese. Oh it’s so yummy. I’ve lightened it up a few times, but I always miss my super fattening version. Yes it’s that bad. Loaded with heavy cream, half and half, cream cheese, and a selection of other cheeses. I can’t imagine Christmas or Thanksgiving without it. Is it time to let go of the super rich mac and cheese for the holidays or should I attempt to have more self-control when facing the cheesy enemy?

I see why the holidays are so hard to keep weight off. It’s the season of overindulgence. You want lots of gifts, lots of food, and not lots of time spent in the gym. These past two weeks have been extremely hard for me to keep my focus on proper eating AND sufficient exercise. But I really hope the worst is over.

I can continue looking at all the things I did wrong in these past two weeks or I can focus on ending this year with my best foot forward so 2012 will be a smooth transition into a healthy new year.

Keeping this short and sweet because I have a long one for you on Friday. But how would you deal with my mac and cheese controversy? What are your favorite holiday treats?


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