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Foot Problems

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This is from the group run yesterday. Can you see me? How about Dora?

Numbers-wise last week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had on the blog! Thank you for checking it out. From the posts published last week I see that y’all must like pictures. I’ll definitely keep that in mind and try to capture and share more of my activities with you.

I told you guys about my grand plans for the weekend. And most of them were completed. However instead of doing two classes on Saturday and two workouts on Sunday I only did one each day. That makes me a little sad but I don’t really feel too bad about it because I did get my five workouts in last week.

I’m finally deciding to go to a physical therapist because this running thing isn’t going as smoothly as I think it should be going. I thought I had my foot and ankle issues together but clearly I don’t. I’ve tried many running shoes and inserts and still having issues with my feet. Yesterday during our 2 miles my feet started feeling numb. It happened last week as well but I just assumed my ankle brace was too tight so I didn’t wear it yesterday.

It really felt like one of the longest runs ever and I’ve done well over 2 miles in the past without having this type of issue. It was a painful run and I decided it’s time to seek help for this problem. Today I’ll call the physical therapist and schedule a consultation. Hopefully they can get me all fixed up and ready to RUN! I have goals I gotta accomplish and this darn foot isn’t going to hold me back any longer.


Better Late than Never

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I normally have my posts up by 9 or so but I’m sorry for the delay today. I guess it was a combination of not really having a topic in mind and just losing track of time. I still haven’t thought of a particular topic that I’d like to discuss this morning so I thought let’s just start putting words to paper and see how it goes.

This week has pretty much gone as planned as far as my workouts are concerned. I hit the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And I’m still heading there on Saturday. Today is the meet and greet for the running group I joined so I’ll be headed over there this afternoon and decided I’d rather not workout before and  go there all sweaty. And I could work out after but I know I’m going to be eating so I’ll just go ahead and be honest with myself that I will not see the gym today. But that’s ok with me because I have some great workouts planned for this weekend.

Saturday I will do a 30 min core class and an hour body combat class. I took my first body combat class last night and it’s pretty tough. I realized I’m not coordinated enough to master karate or anything like that, but it was fun. The workout is a mixture of karate, boxing and kickboxing with a very enthusiastic teacher and great music. I did not master body combat but I did try something different, have a good time and shed some calories. It was pretty tough so we’ll see if I can make it through a whole hour of that after doing the core class. *** Insert positive thoughts here***

And then after work on Sunday I’ll be headed to my beginners’ run group and then join some not so beginners for the hour speedwork session. Last week we did the stairs at the Capitol, I’m terrified excited to see what activities we’ll be doing this week.

With all this going on the weekend I am okay with giving myself today to rest for my active weekend. Counting Saturday and Sunday I’ll have 5 workouts for this week! That was my goal and I’m pretty happy that I am on track to accomplish it. But if you want to get technical I can call it 7 because Saturday I’ll be doing 2 classes and Sunday I’m doing a run and speedwork. But it doesn’t matter, 5 or 7 both are great. I hope to keep up the momentum. Summertime here I come!


Problem Solving

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I hoped you checked out my post on Monday, Vacation Sins, where I shared how my vacation went as well as some pictures from my trip. I also confessed that I didn’t exercise enough and ate much more than enough. So the first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. Check. So step two is to make a plan to do something about it and then the final step is to carry out your plan.

My trip ended Thursday but I did not have to go back to work until Monday. I had every intention of doing at least a small workout on Friday, but that did not happen. Ok so plan B. Saturday morning I went and did a body pump class. If you’re not familiar with that you can check out my post about it here. Bodypump always leaves me sore, exhausted, and wanting more. It may be my favorite class that I’ve ever taken. One day I’d like to teach that class… When my body gets as rock hard as the instructors I’ll be ready!

But that was Saturday. On Sunday I met up with my local Black Girls Run group for their weekly beginner’s run and speedwork. I was nervous about attending because I think everyone in a running group would probably run circles around me. But much to my surprise the group was filled with women from all different skill levels. There was a 2 mile walk/jog which was enough to get my heart pump and I could have went home after that but I stayed and decided to take part in the next activity.

Speedwork. I was a little apprehensive about what this would entail but I decided to give it a shot anyways. In my mind I picture sprints and suicides and other things that I know my body did not want to do. But we did the stairs at the state capitol. It was difficult and my body did not want to do it but I was glad I did and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next week. We did sets of stairs and alternated lunges, squats, push ups, etc. That was tough but worth it. I think this will be my new Sunday workout. I’m stoked about it and the group. It’s a very positive atmosphere to work out in to have so many women encouraging you and pushing you forward.

Due to my activity levels on Saturday and Sunday I did not exercise on Monday. I was so sore that I just wanted to focus on performing my day-to-day tasks without falling out somewhere. Don’t worry I’m exaggerating! But yesterday I did a core class at my gym that I enjoyed.

So the plan for the rest of the week is to do a circuit class tonight, body combat or body pump class tomorrow and possibly add the core class if I can make it. Then Friday I don’t plan to exercise but maybe I’ll do a little neighborhood 2-3 mile walk.

I think that’s a pretty good plan to right my wrongs from last week. I’m trying to get back to exercising 4-6 times a week instead of just 2 or 3. Swimsuit season will be here before I know it and I hope to be on a beach somewhere looking hot and fit. And to do so I have to buckle down and crank up the intensity.

If you’re interested in the black girls run group you can send me an email or just comment here. And FYI it’s not just for black girls! All women are welcome to join. So it would be great if you come out and meet me one Sunday or the group has various runs throughout the week for various skill levels. Come out it’ll be fun. Here’s to a great swimsuit body!


Vacation Sins

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I’m back!!! So I had a wonderful birthday. I went on a 5 day cruise to Cozumel and Progreso. And I know some people may not have a very favorable view of cruise lines now, especially Carnival but I had a great time. And even with all that has happened in Italy I would cruise again. But do not take that as me minimizing the seriousness of what happened. I think it is terrible and I do pray for the families of the victims as well as everyone involved in that tragedy.

If every birthday could be as great as this one then I wouldn’t mind turning 30. Regarding my healthy habits, I wasn’t so well-behaved on my vacation. I ate when and what ever I pleased and only had one workout throughout my five-day vacation. I went zip lining, rock climbing and snorkeling. Which was fun but a bit exhausting. I spent my birthday on the beach which is my all time favorite place to be. And the beaches of Cozumel are absolutely beautiful. I thought I had a picture of my cake and birthday dinner on here but I forgot to add those to my email. Oh yes I LOVE Mexican food and I had enchiladas in Mexico… They were divine! I’d go back to Mexico just to eat. (Well only after I’m WELL under my goal weight.) But feel free to look through my album below to see how I spent my birthday/vacation. 

I hope you enjoyed my favorite posts that I reshared with you last week. And Wednesday I’ll share how I started to get back on track with my routine this weekend… I had a great but hard weekend. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to hear all about it. And if you’d like to see all of my pictures you can add me on Facebook. I’ll be adding a new album sometime this week. But for now I have a week of work to catch up on. No bueno.

Because this time I’m even more gracious

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I don’t think this one needs an explanation… I love y’all! I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane this week. Hopefully it only gets better from here. Stay tuned for the ride.

My Sincerest Gratitude Posted on October 24, 2011

Two months ago to this day all I had was a URL and a few thoughts… I wanted to share my last fat year with anyone  interested. I wanted to share my story hoping that it would help make someone else’s journey a little easier. Or at the least be interesting to read about my shenanigans now and then.

August 22, 2011 I published my first post, My Official Declaration. I was a bit taken aback by the kind and encouraging feedback that it received. After that post I committed to making a new post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), I may have broken my commitment a time or two but I’ve never been too good with that word. I never would have guessed it would be this difficult. I thought I could write a blog… I have lots to say. But reality hit and I don’t always know what to say, there are times when I have to sit and think about topics to share. I’m not or never will be a writer but I hope my ability to relate will overshadow my lack of formal writing skill. This is the beginning and I’m hoping it’s only going to get better from here.

I’d like to express my gratitude for each and every person that has ever commented, emailed, called, texted, tweeted or simply talked to me about this site. Every single click matters to me and I thank all of you that are bearing with me as I go through my growing pains. These first few months have been more than I imagined. I figured a few friends and family would occasionally take a peek, but I never imagined anyone other than them would find an interest in my voyage.

If you know me well you know that I’m usually not very emotional, but at this moment I can’t help but be overwhelmed by my emotions. This blog was a concept that I’ve thought of for a while but was always hesitant to jump in to. Read about coming to that decision here. I’m more excited about this site and my goals than ever. Friends, family and new-found friends I love and thank you all. I would go in to individual thank yous but I don’t think anyone wants to read that long list. I have friends that have dreams much bigger for me than I even have for myself. And I love and thank them for pushing me every time they feel necessary.

This is the perfect time to thank my dear friend Bekah. She has truly been an inspiration to my blog and my life, as I strive to one day to be half the writer she is. Her blog Rebekah Hopes is truly amazing, and if she thinks mine is worth reading then I must be doing something right. So please take a look at it and be inspired.

I’m so happy I have great people like her to make my voyage so much more enjoyable. I’m truly blessed and I really cannot say thank you enough to everyone that’s taking this journey with me or even just cheering me on as I go. With this kind of support from all of you there is no way I can fail.

Any ideas, comments, questions or concerns are greatly appreciated. Or if you see something that you think could be better please let me know. And it’s always a joy to hear stories of others in the weight loss battle. You can contact me via email, comments or twitter.

I promise that everything posted on here is genuine and I’ll always speak from my heart. Read on dear friends.



Facing the scale

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This is the first time I posted my weight on my blog. I was so nervous about everyone knowing how much I weighed. And not only that but to update it regularly meant that you could keep up with my progress and all my failures would be made public.

“Weighing In: Numbers don’ t lie”” Originally posted October 24, 2011

I’ve had a very good weekend and my scale definitely agreed with that. But why is it that having a good time has to lead to packing on extra pounds? When I was doing really well with my weight, I eliminated most of the “fun” things that come along with being a twenty-something. But I really need to find a way to do both. I want to be free to have fun without dreading an extra few pounds for each weekend of fun.

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I haven’t disclosed my weight yet. I read several weight loss blogs and one thing that they all have listed is their weight and they have some type of scheduled weigh in that they regularly post. Well since I call myself a blogger now I think it’s time for me to play by the rules. This morning I stepped on the scale.

I never realized it was so difficult to take a picture while on the scale, but there it is. I weigh 233.8 pounds. I’m not sure why I was so hesitant to share the actual number when I freely describe all the struggles I have with my weight. I am not very happy with the number, but now I am not hiding what it is anymore. I’m adding a page to track my weekly weigh in, instead of using my pathetic attempt at a countdown by using the graph I have up now. It was expected to be up by now but sometimes I let life get in the way of my blog.

So I weight 233.8 now and my heaviest weight was 262 pounds. My normal range is about 228-230. And earlier this year I was in the 230s so long I vowed never to pass 229 again, but here I am. 219 was the lightest which was sometime around May. Yeah 219, that number sounds and looks so good to me now! But if I get my act together I’ll see it again soon.

 My goal is to lose 75 pounds by January 17th and that would put me at 187, but I’ll just round that to 185. So there it is… I want to weigh 185 by January 17th. Looking at the numbers I’m not sure that is a healthy amount of weight to be lost without doing anything drastic, so this may not be my last fat year but I’ll get there.

I don’t really have an end goal weight in mind, I just want to be able to walk into a regular store and have an abundance of cute clothing in my size! 8, 10, 12? I think I want to be somewhere in there. I don’t want to put a number on it; I just want to be healthy and fit. I want to run a 5k and regularly compete in 10ks. I want to do a marathon. I want to have muscles. I want people to look at me and think oh yeah she’s fit.

I don’t ever want to be categorized as big, plus-sized, or chubby. When people look at me I want them to see my beautiful smile or my lovely eyes not my bigger than normal silhouette.

So stayed tuned for this new weekly weigh in thingy. It’ll probably be a rollercoaster ride on the scale, but I’m ok with that as long as there are a few steep dips along the ride.

So anyone have a number that they can’t seem to get away from? Or what’s your ideal weight loss? Does anyone think it’s still possible for me to weigh 185 by my birthday? And I’ll work on the weekly weigh-in page. I’m thinking my weigh-ins should be on Monday? So let’s hope between today and next Monday I at least lose a pound or two.

Sharing the darker side

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I share this post today because it’s the first time I stopped trying to write what I thought people wanted to hear and I just write exactly what I felt. It was a big moment for me. It’s when I decided to tell the truth and show the darker side of the journey. Enjoy.

“Why can’t we all just be skinny” Originally posted September 9, 2011

Maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this but I promised myself each post would be honest and this is honestly what I’m feeling at this moment. I published this to show that there’s a not so happy side of getting fit. Behind every weight loss I’m sure there was a struggle of some kind. And now you all get to see my struggle.

I had a hard workout today and it just makes me angry. I know that’s not what I’m supposed to say but the truth is loosing weight isn’t easy. I’m not cheery and optimistic about it all the time. Sometimes I get mad and frustrated. Why can (insert random name here) eat any and everything she wants, hasn’t exercised since high school gym class but still not gain a pound? Why do I have to work my butt off and struggle daily with all of my food cravings just to lose a pound or two?

I’ve had moments where I’ve stared at my stomach and just wished I could take a knife and cut off all the excess “meat”. Sometimes I think wouldn’t it be worth it to get rid of it all? Other times I look in the mirror and curse all the imperfections that are staring back at me.

Being a Christian I know this is wrong but I’d wish fatness on my enemies. I don’t think I even have any enemies but if I ever do I’d wish them fat. I wish that they had to go shopping with their friends and sit back and watch them try on clothes. But no fat girl you can’t fit anything in this store. But your loving friends find something that they think looks big enough and urge you to try it on… and guess what? It doesn’t fit… I have always blamed my dislike of the mall on the large crowds of people and annoying teenagers, but now that I’m being honest I think it’s all about the clothes. Going to a massive store just to have to go to one little section with clothes I can fit. It’s just not my idea of fun at all. Or the plus-sized stores that make me feel horrible about myself as soon as I step in. But guess what… most of the times they don’t fit me properly anyways. You know how frustrating it is to be too fat for the regular stores but not quite fat enough for the plus size stores? Feeling like my body doesn’t fit anywhere.

Weight loss isn’t always a walk through roses so I wanted to share the darker side. I’m far from where I started but I’m nowhere near where I want to be. Thanks for reading. I have some time to cool off and I’ll be back with a new attitude! 😉 Smooches