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In my conscious effort to avoid the New Year congestion at the gym I have avoided it. However it was not my plan to avoid all types of exercise at all. I should be enjoying other types of exercises or simply going to the gm at less busy hours.

Gyms are always less packed on Friday and Saturday evenings if you have a gym that is open at those times. During my scientific research google search, I found that the best time to go to the gym during the day is 9am-12pm, 2-5pm, and after 8pm. And I would agree to these times for the most part. Most people either go to the gym before work (6-8am), during their lunch break (11:30-1:30pm), or right after they get off (4:30-5:30pm). And given those times the times I found during my search make perfect sense.

When I go to the gym it’s usually around 3:30pm and it’s pretty empty. But if I stick around until 5 I’m usually running for the door to beat the crowd. Personally I hate waiting on machines or an area to clear out so I can use it. I rather plan my exercise times around the crowds so I can avoid that situation.

I can also do more outdoor activities so there won’t be a crowd at all! A co-worker brought up a great idea that I had never thought of before. She invited me to go climb the stairs at the state capital. That sounds fun and challenging… right up my alley! I was busy and couldn’t attend with her but that is definitely on my to do list.

I also have various apps I could use to train at home (Nike Training, Couch to 5k, Runkeeper). And not to mention videos, internet, and the Wii.

Avoiding the gym is no excuse to avoid physical activity. And now I have to stop hiding behind it. Do es anyone have any good tips to get fit without a gym? We’d all love to hear.



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  2. So glad you asked that question! I wrote a blog about home workouts here: http://fitnessphoenixx.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/why-exercise-at-home-10-compelling-reasons/

    I highly recommend it (obviously…) Let me know if you would like some help choosing a home workout program or are interested in help with your diet. It looks like you are doing a great job in your weight loss!



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