Tight jeans and muffin tops

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No matter what size you are, this isn’t an attractive look. I really wish people would stop doing this. But if you see me lately you may catch a glimpse of this fashion disaster because my jeans are a little tighter than usual. You’ve probably noticed that my weight hasn’t been posted in a while. And that’s not an oversight on my part, it’s because I’ve hidden from the scale. I have no idea how much I weigh now but most of my jeans are resemble the picture above, and with that confirmation there’s no need for a scale.

So what to do with the dilemma of fitting in only one pair of jeans and having to strategically pair others with flowy tops so I won’t expose my midsection? I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know I won’t buy new jeans. I will continue to be uncomfortable in the ones I have. And when I fit into the ones I own properly THEN I’ll reward myself with a new pair.

I’m not going to stress myself out about this holiday weight gain that I was trying so desperately not to gain. For once I’m not going to over react. That’s definitely something I learned from last year. I know the decisions I’ve made and this is the consequence of them. I can be uncomfortable for a while so that next time I won’t have a milk shake with my burger and fries. Or even better if I skip the burger and fries all together? I always learn the hard way!

I ‘m going on vacation next week and I hoped that I would be slimmer and much more comfortable in my swimwear like I was for my last vacation. Last May you could have seen me flaunting all 219 pounds of me on the beaches of Miami. Yeah, so no flaunting this time. I won’t cover myself up ridiculously like I previously did, I’ll be somewhere between flaunting and hiding. So yeah don’t expect any beach pics on here. Ha well if I find one with a flattering angle!

So I’m acknowledging I’ve gained a few pounds, but I won’t get comfortable with them. They’re a part of me now but they’re just visiting. And I hate when visitors over stay their welcome.

I hope you don’t find yourself in my situation, but if you do let’s not get comfortable here. I’ll be much more comfortable in jeans that fit, so I have to decrease the size of my gut instead of increasing the size of the jeans. Let’s hope for my sake this doesn’t last too long!


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  1. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    I like your description of those extra pounds as “just visiting.” You can do it!


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