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So Monday I let you guys in on the fact that I wasn’t doing too well with my little journey. Somewhere I got a little sidetracked and I need to get back on the right path. And I will.

But I decided that I will be on vacation next week and I will not stress myself about healthy eating while I’m away. And yes I know some may disagree with this for a million reasons. And yes I agree with some of those reasons. But I know I don’t want to feel guilty for having dessert on my trip. I don’t want to feel guilty for choosing mashed potatoes instead of veggies. And I’m saying that I won’t. I will try not to over induldge myself, but a little indulgence is acceptable for a vacation.

So my body will be in vacation mode. But I will also make sure to indulge in an activity or two. And I’m hoping for a fancy gym that I can’t stay away from. So I will eat what I want but I will go to the gym at least twice and do at least one physically demanding activity. But if an activity is not available I’ll just add another workout.

I’m an early bird and I don’t think anyone else who’s coming along is so that’ll be a perfect time for me to slip out into the gym before anyone wakes up. I’m excited about my trip and I can’t wait to share some pictures and things with y’all. Man I love the beach!

Monday I mentioned how I used to be ashamed of my body and would completely cover up at the beach. Well you thought I was joking…

That was a few years back in Pensacola . I considered that beach wear back then. Yes very sad I know. That was me around 250-260.

And this is me last summer in Miami. Obviously I felt a lot more comfortable with my body. I went to Miami at my lowest of 219.

Looking much better if I don’t say so myself. And I walked around the beach in a swimsuit without feeling self-conscious!

Next week I’m not going to be strutting around at 220, but I will be that confident gal from Miami! Even though I’m a bit heavier than her I still have that confidence that she found.

I have to set some goals and timelines for this year, so I’ll be working on that when I get back. And also look for my weekly weigh ins to return. At least by Feb 6. Maybe I’ll want to share the ugly truth with you guys before then but theat’s the deadline. I think it was really good to me to post that number because I didn’t want to let anybody down. It forced me to be more accountable of what I was doing to my body because if I had a bad week it was going on the Internet so I better try my best to do well. I know that may seem a bit mean or harsh but if you’re saying that I guess you haven’t met me in person yet! Everyone is a bit of a mean girl.

So good luck to you and good luck to me. I have a few more days to indulge myself and then off with these pounds!


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