Foot Problems

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This is from the group run yesterday. Can you see me? How about Dora?

Numbers-wise last week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had on the blog! Thank you for checking it out. From the posts published last week I see that y’all must like pictures. I’ll definitely keep that in mind and try to capture and share more of my activities with you.

I told you guys about my grand plans for the weekend. And most of them were completed. However instead of doing two classes on Saturday and two workouts on Sunday I only did one each day. That makes me a little sad but I don’t really feel too bad about it because I did get my five workouts in last week.

I’m finally deciding to go to a physical therapist because this running thing isn’t going as smoothly as I think it should be going. I thought I had my foot and ankle issues together but clearly I don’t. I’ve tried many running shoes and inserts and still having issues with my feet. Yesterday during our 2 miles my feet started feeling numb. It happened last week as well but I just assumed my ankle brace was too tight so I didn’t wear it yesterday.

It really felt like one of the longest runs ever and I’ve done well over 2 miles in the past without having this type of issue. It was a painful run and I decided it’s time to seek help for this problem. Today I’ll call the physical therapist and schedule a consultation. Hopefully they can get me all fixed up and ready to RUN! I have goals I gotta accomplish and this darn foot isn’t going to hold me back any longer.


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  1. Just a note about the pictures: if you add pictures (especially ones with inspirational sayings) they can then be “pinned” and spread around pinterest.

    Just one more way to make you addicted to the internet! (That’s what I’m here for)


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