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Eating well on the go

If you’ve reading for a while you may notice I travel a lot. For work I’m out-of-town about every other week for about 9 months out of the year. And traveling is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. A trip around the world is definitely on my bucket list.

But it’s a little difficult to keep up a healthy lifestyle when living out of a suitcase. When I’m driving all day it’s so much easier to stop and get a burger before heading to my hotel room than to load up on healthier options from the grocery store or attempt to find healthier options. So to make better decisions I looked up some of the best food options at popular fast food restaurants. I’ll exclude sandwich places because I think those are pretty much a no brainer. Just load up on veggies and stay away from all the extra cheeses, meats and fattening condiments.

Several of my favorite options are Burger King’s and Chick-fil-A’s  grilled chicken sandwiches, fruit bowl from Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s hamburger and egg mcmuffin, and Wendy’s chili and baked potatoes. But your preferences depend on your specific dietary needs and preferences. Generally I don’t watch sodium or carbs and go the basic route of low-calorie foods. But here is a list of different restaurants and their healthier alternatives.

Another option I have is to load my hotel room with healthy options so that I won’t have to run out to eat every time I get hungry. So I’ll go to the local grocery store and stock up on fruits, spinach, water, bread, and cold cuts. I figure I can make sandwiches or salads most of the time and then I can limit the amount of meals that I have to go out to get. But today I brought some tuna and fruit with me so I only had to go buy water and bread. Sometimes I may get a Lean Cuisine or some kind of frozen dinner to have if I don’t feel like going out for dinner.

Even though I have a go to plan temptations are lurking all around. Some hotels serve a light dinner and most hotels I stay at serve a buffet style breakfast (which includes a lovely selection of muffins, bagels and pastries).I have a pretty easy time avoiding the pastries, but I can’t tell you how tempted I was yesterday by the make your own waffle station. They had strawberries and chocolate chips! But I kept away from them and decided to have a biscuit, sausage and eggs. I know that’s not the absolute healthiest breakfast but it definitely beats chocolate chip waffles and syrup. And I’m glad I was able to stay away. As far as the dinners go they usually have a salad option and I always TRY to have a salad and drink a full glass of water before I begin with the main course. And that’s a good rule for where ever you’re eating.


Fat jeans

I wrote a post awhile ago about my pants not fitting and me refusing to buy new ones. And I did buy one pair because it is extremely frustrating digging through laundry and having to wash every time I want to wear jeans. Needless to say I’m wearing a lot more dresses lately! But I did buy one pair of jeans… I’ve always wanted gray ones and I finally found some.

So I was cleaning out my car recently and ran across a couple bags of clothes I’ve been meaning to donate to good will. As I put them in another bag I saw several pairs of jeans that I put in there last year when I was down 30 pounds or so. I remember them being so baggy and unflattering on me at that time. But I got the bright idea to try them on again before I sent them away to a new home. And WHY did I do that???

The jeans fit perfectly. Now I know that sounds all good and dandy. I now have about five pairs of jeans that fit me properly. But it’s so bittersweet because those are jeans that I was never supposed to wear again… Those were my “fat” jeans. I retired those to get my “skinny” jeans. But now my “fat” jeans are my good jeans and my “skinny” jeans (if they can buckle) are my muffin top jeans. Was that confusing? If it’s not confusing it certainly is depressing!

I’m sitting here eating a tuna sandwich (I substitute most of the mayo for plain Greek yogurt, if you like the taste of yogurt you can totally omit the mayo making it much less fattening) and thinking what’s a gal to do? I’m now wearing my fat jeans that just a few months ago I considered my history jeans. Now I have to make my fat jeans history again and turn my muffin top jeans into my now jeans.

I’m traveling this week and packed a bag of fruits and tuna so I could avoid the fast food temptations that line the highway. And just in case you were wondering I’m doing well with my Lenten sacrifice… I haven’t broken the rules (or stretched them) since that little incident with the doughnuts last week. I’m staying strong!

The fine print

Wednesday I told you about my Lenten sacrifices. Also, I told you something you may not have known about me. I do believe in following the rules, BUT if the rules have any type of leeway I’ll find that and use it to my advantage. Seriously I’m the type of person who reads the fine print at the bottom before I look at what is being presented to me.

With all that being said I have to confess that I found the way to technically obey the rules of my sacrifice (no desserts and no flavored beverages) but I found a way to satisfy my sweet tooth without breaking the rules. This morning I had doughnuts and that is not a dessert and I did wash them down with water. BUT we both know that this is a treat disguised as breakfast.

So the fine print of my sacrifice needs to be revised. In addition to no desserts and flavored water I am not allowed to have doughnuts, candied veggies of any kind, or anything that was drizzled with sugar. And that includes white and brown varieties. Ok now that the fine print has been adjusted I will carry on and try not to find any more loopholes. I swear I should have been a lawyer.

I hope you all have a good week and I’d love to hear what you’ve given up for Lent. Even if you’re not Catholic or religious I think it’s a good practice of self control. Every now and then it’s good to eliminate the excess. Every year I’ve given up something food related so maybe next year I’ll add something else. Maybe TV or something else that I use every day but probably take for granted. I’m really quite blessed and I’m realizing that more and more each day. Happy Flag Day to everyone in Mexico. And everyone else have a great weekend.

Ash Wednesday

One day off from blogging turned in to a week, which turned in to two and then I was getting pretty used to life without my blog. I missed it and now I’m back. Sometime after my unintentional absence I decided not to write until I had something to say. I want to feel the way I did when I decided to start this. And after a few weeks I’m there. I feel like I have things to say again and I’m not just posting because I feel obligated to do so.

Since I’ve been gone I have been traveling, eating, drinking and being merry. My exercise efforts have been subpar and my eating habits have been less than healthy. That made me realize that having to share my activities here helps me stay on track (at least more on track than I would be otherwise).

So this past weekend I visited our great nation’s capitol. While in DC for the weekend I probably consumed more calories than I should in a week. We planned to exercise but with late nights, early morning exercise just didn’t happen. But I had a good trip and no need to dwell on what I didn’t do. If you read my blog often you know I TRY not to dwell on the past. Although my attempt is unsuccessful at times. So all that was said because today is the start of Lent.

In an effort to restart my healthy lifestyle I’ve decided to give up all beverages with the exception of water (and juices from a juicer) and desserts. Now ‘m the type of person that likes to play by the rules, but if there’s some leeway in those rules I’ll find it and use it to my advantage. And yes that even goes for self-imposed rules.

With that being said dessert needs a definition.  So here it goes I cannot eat any sweets before after or during any meal. This includes jello, puddings, and yogurt. I am allowed to have fresh fruit or any other item that does not contain added sugar. That does not include desserts sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

I was considering adding no fast food to this list but my work schedule is so crazy that it’ll be very unlikely that I’d be able to give up all fast food. I know that is a very unlikely for me to fight the urge to stop and grab something to eat after a long morning of driving. But I will make better fast food choices. Maybe no French fries? I believe that I can give that up but I’m not going to commit to that just yet. I’ll have word y Friday if I’m up for that challenge or not.

I’m hoping that these changes will drastically decrease my sugar intake and lead to a decrease in my waistline. Thanks for reading after my unannounced hiatus. Anyone have any healthy or healthier fast food options for me to try when I’m on the road? What are you giving up for Lent? Aw man I just realized I haven’t had any king cake this year. I’m really sad now. But maybe I’ll be able to find a king cake this Easter.


Today I don’t feel like doing anything

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This rainy weather has me feeling some kind of way this morning. I can’t quite put my finger on a particular problem that’ll make me be a little gloomy this morning (or at least nothing I’d admit publicly, sorry) so I’ll just blame it on the rain. Maybe it’s that I washed my car, ok honestly I just had some extra time and drove through the car wash yesterday. But it makes me sad when I wash my car, which only happens a handful of times per year, and it rains. I only wash it when I’m just that bored or when a layer of dirt is so noticeable my car changes colors. Yes quite sad I know. But I washed it yesterday and rain is predicted for the rest of the week.

My car has nothing to do with my blog, but the rain does. I don’t want to go to the gym today. I’m worried that it’ll rain on Sunday and I won’t be able to get to meet up with the beginner’s running group. I’m worried that if it rains I won’t get up Saturday morning and drive across town to complete my workout class or classes.

How can rain cause so much disruption to my routine? I love sun and sunlight and I think dark and gloomy days affect me more than they should. I’m going to try to stay positive and have sunny thoughts. I’ll try not to let the rain get me down. 

How’s the weather where you’re from? And I’m sure you have a great plan B exercise routine for rainy days. Care to share? My rainy day routine normally consists of my bed, my favorite blanket and a tv. But if I want to change my life I have to change my habits, right? Positive thoughts, positive thoughts….

I feel like this is the perfect post to put a clip of “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. But I didn’t expect this post going in this direction so I think it’s appropriate to just say I’m too lazy to post up The Lazy song.

Hope you have a good one if it’s raining in your area or not! Remember positive thoughts!