Ash Wednesday

One day off from blogging turned in to a week, which turned in to two and then I was getting pretty used to life without my blog. I missed it and now I’m back. Sometime after my unintentional absence I decided not to write until I had something to say. I want to feel the way I did when I decided to start this. And after a few weeks I’m there. I feel like I have things to say again and I’m not just posting because I feel obligated to do so.

Since I’ve been gone I have been traveling, eating, drinking and being merry. My exercise efforts have been subpar and my eating habits have been less than healthy. That made me realize that having to share my activities here helps me stay on track (at least more on track than I would be otherwise).

So this past weekend I visited our great nation’s capitol. While in DC for the weekend I probably consumed more calories than I should in a week. We planned to exercise but with late nights, early morning exercise just didn’t happen. But I had a good trip and no need to dwell on what I didn’t do. If you read my blog often you know I TRY not to dwell on the past. Although my attempt is unsuccessful at times. So all that was said because today is the start of Lent.

In an effort to restart my healthy lifestyle I’ve decided to give up all beverages with the exception of water (and juices from a juicer) and desserts. Now ‘m the type of person that likes to play by the rules, but if there’s some leeway in those rules I’ll find it and use it to my advantage. And yes that even goes for self-imposed rules.

With that being said dessert needs a definition.  So here it goes I cannot eat any sweets before after or during any meal. This includes jello, puddings, and yogurt. I am allowed to have fresh fruit or any other item that does not contain added sugar. That does not include desserts sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

I was considering adding no fast food to this list but my work schedule is so crazy that it’ll be very unlikely that I’d be able to give up all fast food. I know that is a very unlikely for me to fight the urge to stop and grab something to eat after a long morning of driving. But I will make better fast food choices. Maybe no French fries? I believe that I can give that up but I’m not going to commit to that just yet. I’ll have word y Friday if I’m up for that challenge or not.

I’m hoping that these changes will drastically decrease my sugar intake and lead to a decrease in my waistline. Thanks for reading after my unannounced hiatus. Anyone have any healthy or healthier fast food options for me to try when I’m on the road? What are you giving up for Lent? Aw man I just realized I haven’t had any king cake this year. I’m really sad now. But maybe I’ll be able to find a king cake this Easter.



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  2. Some great fast food options:
    Chipotle, try getting a burrito bowl w/o rice, and load up on the protien/veggies/salsa
    Subway, get a 6 inch whole grain chicken breast sub loaded w/ veggies/mustard/vinegar
    Look up your favorite fast food joints on-line and try to find anything that is 500 calories or less. Really in the end portion control is the most important thing. Good luck 🙂


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