The fine print

Wednesday I told you about my Lenten sacrifices. Also, I told you something you may not have known about me. I do believe in following the rules, BUT if the rules have any type of leeway I’ll find that and use it to my advantage. Seriously I’m the type of person who reads the fine print at the bottom before I look at what is being presented to me.

With all that being said I have to confess that I found the way to technically obey the rules of my sacrifice (no desserts and no flavored beverages) but I found a way to satisfy my sweet tooth without breaking the rules. This morning I had doughnuts and that is not a dessert and I did wash them down with water. BUT we both know that this is a treat disguised as breakfast.

So the fine print of my sacrifice needs to be revised. In addition to no desserts and flavored water I am not allowed to have doughnuts, candied veggies of any kind, or anything that was drizzled with sugar. And that includes white and brown varieties. Ok now that the fine print has been adjusted I will carry on and try not to find any more loopholes. I swear I should have been a lawyer.

I hope you all have a good week and I’d love to hear what you’ve given up for Lent. Even if you’re not Catholic or religious I think it’s a good practice of self control. Every now and then it’s good to eliminate the excess. Every year I’ve given up something food related so maybe next year I’ll add something else. Maybe TV or something else that I use every day but probably take for granted. I’m really quite blessed and I’m realizing that more and more each day. Happy Flag Day to everyone in Mexico. And everyone else have a great weekend.


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  1. I know I am way late to be commenting on this post, but I wanted to tell you that my friend Laura gave up one year the category broadly defined as “sweets.” Basically anything that tasted sweet was forbidden unless it was a fresh fruit or vegetable. I’m not Catholic but usually give up something for Lent just to practice self-discipline. Last year it was coke. This year I figured I’d take a pass, since I gave up alcohol back in October and will be giving up my beloved coca-cola for the third trimester (which, coincidentally, begins right around Easter).

    • Not too late at all. But how did her year go? That’s real discipline.
      And you get a pass because you’re plus one now. I’m sure you’re giving up a lot to make sure the little man is healthy.

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