Fat jeans

I wrote a post awhile ago about my pants not fitting and me refusing to buy new ones. And I did buy one pair because it is extremely frustrating digging through laundry and having to wash every time I want to wear jeans. Needless to say I’m wearing a lot more dresses lately! But I did buy one pair of jeans… I’ve always wanted gray ones and I finally found some.

So I was cleaning out my car recently and ran across a couple bags of clothes I’ve been meaning to donate to good will. As I put them in another bag I saw several pairs of jeans that I put in there last year when I was down 30 pounds or so. I remember them being so baggy and unflattering on me at that time. But I got the bright idea to try them on again before I sent them away to a new home. And WHY did I do that???

The jeans fit perfectly. Now I know that sounds all good and dandy. I now have about five pairs of jeans that fit me properly. But it’s so bittersweet because those are jeans that I was never supposed to wear again… Those were my “fat” jeans. I retired those to get my “skinny” jeans. But now my “fat” jeans are my good jeans and my “skinny” jeans (if they can buckle) are my muffin top jeans. Was that confusing? If it’s not confusing it certainly is depressing!

I’m sitting here eating a tuna sandwich (I substitute most of the mayo for plain Greek yogurt, if you like the taste of yogurt you can totally omit the mayo making it much less fattening) and thinking what’s a gal to do? I’m now wearing my fat jeans that just a few months ago I considered my history jeans. Now I have to make my fat jeans history again and turn my muffin top jeans into my now jeans.

I’m traveling this week and packed a bag of fruits and tuna so I could avoid the fast food temptations that line the highway. And just in case you were wondering I’m doing well with my Lenten sacrifice… I haven’t broken the rules (or stretched them) since that little incident with the doughnuts last week. I’m staying strong!


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