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Monday I shared that I’ve gained 18 pounds in a few months. So 18 is the magic number of the day. You know when you do something bad and the teacher makes you write lines to realize what you’ve done? Well here’s my attempt at self-discipline and I’m writing 18 reasons why I need to lose these 18 pounds (and more).

18 reasons why I need to lose weight/ exercise more/ eat better

  • Minimize my chances of getting obesity related diseases. (Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family)
  • I miss the way I looked in my LBD (little black dress) when I bought it. It doesn’t even look like the same dress
  • I think once I’m lighter and fitter I can become a better runner
  • Regain that confidence that I found last year
  • Becoming healthier now can add years to my life
  • I’ll have a good excuse to buy new clothes
  • Prove to myself that I can do it
  • So I can wear THIS!

  •  So the doctors can stop telling to lose weight
  • To go into a store and buy the clothes I want instead of whatever fits
  • So my pants won’t wear out between my legs while the rest of them looks fine
  • So no one will ever call me big girl or fat mama ever again
  •  So I can say my weight out loud with pride
  • To set a good example for my niece and nephew
  • So my future children will never know me as fat
  • So I can comfortably give myself a pedicure
  • Less body pains, foot and knee to be exact
  • Because 2012 I will reach my goals

And just to let you know I’m making an effort and not just all talk this time, I walked 4 miles yesterday and stopped by the gym today and got a little cardio in. I have every intention of going back to the track today and getting at least two miles done. After yesterday and today I realized how much I miss this beautiful fatigue feeling. The tingling of my muscles is my body’s way of thanking me for making it better. This feeling is so addictive and I hope that it’s got me hooked again( remember my post When it hurts so bad)! And guess what’s on the menu for lunch? Broccoli and fruit! I know it sounds strange but I really do love broccoli and berries and I crave both often. And I can’t wait until it finishes cooking so I can devour it! Yum!

Lots of activity + Healthy eating= Goal accomplished

And it’s really that simple. No rocket science or complicated arithmetics. Just a simple one plus one equals two. And I can do it one step at a time. One meal at a time and one workout at a time. I’m one day closer to my goal.


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  1. Good luck with dropping the eighteen or so pounds:)


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