Seven laws of leanness

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I read this article on yahoo awhile back and found it quite interesting. The article shares 7 habits of lean people. The seven laws are:

  1. Lean people don’t diet
  2. Lean people don’t do fat-free
  3. Lean people sit down to eat
  4. Lean people know what they’re going to eat next
  5. Lean people eat protein
  6. Lean people move around
  7. Lean people watch less tv

You can read the article “The Seven Laws of Leanness” by David Zinczenko of Men’s Health and Matt Goulding.

My take on the article is move more, eat better and plan meals. Numbers one and two are probably the only ones that I do on the regular. I don’t believe in fat-free and diets. I think I should eat well and I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners. I typically stay away from diet sodas and anything artificially sweetened. I mean if I want something sweet why not eat a moderate amount of real sugar instead of some engineered version that they claim is better?

I have to definitely work on sitting down to eat. I am known to grab a meal and chow down in the car. But that should be an easy habit for me to break.

And watching less tv? I’m not sure about that one. I look forward to my tv time in the evenings and on the weekend. But I could combine two laws and not watch less tv, but I can move around while I watch tv. I think that’s a good compromise. Do some sit ups or Pilates moves or maybe even some yoga stuff every commercial or every other commercial. During my fittest time last year I used to do one activity every commercial break. It can be as simple as jumping jacks, planks, or push ups. The important thing wasn’t the activity it was just moving my body. So I can commit to that on the weekends.

What laws do you already love by and which ones can you try to live by? If you want to be leaner then this is a good list to look at and consider. I almost forgot— Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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