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Today is a day of rest and relaxation for me. But that didn’t stop me from hopping on the scale this morning. It read a disheartening 243. After last week’s triumphant 241.6 this is a bit disappointing but it’s not too bad. Due to how my week went I guessed that I would be about a pound heavier than last week. But the good thing is I’m not hiding it anymore. Good or bad it’ll be up here EVERY Monday. (Unless some extenuating circumstance prevents me from posting)

I can think about my public weight every time I stay in bed instead of getting up and going to the gym or every time I have bacon and pancakes or doughnuts for breakfast. That’s not a meal for someone who’s trying to change their body for the better. That’s a meal for someone who is either perfectly happy with their body or someone who doesn’t really give a damn about what it’s doing to their body and honestly I’m in neither category.

I’m SUPPOSED to care about my body. And each and every thing I put into it. I see my family members taking tons of medications because they didn’t take care of their bodies in their youth. I don’t want to grow up to a life full of prescription drugs and doctor visits. I want to be healthy as long as I can. I’m in my twenties. I want to look back and say man I was in the best shape of my life. I want to live without the fear of obesity. I think obesity is as much of a mental disease as it is physical and I don’t want to have it anymore.

Each particle of food that goes into my mouth is either making my body function better or worse and it’s time for me to start eating more of the good stuff than the bad. And every workout is sculpting my body into the silhouette I’ve always dreamed of seeing in the mirror. I’m ready to start getting closer to that dream instead of farther and farther away. Let’s hope that the scale tips the other way next week. It’ll be hard but I’ll try my best. Everyday each of us are faced with a million decisions. Let’s take a small step and just try to take more good ones than bad.


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  1. I think obesity is as much of a mental disease as it is physical and I don’t want to have it anymore.

    You nailed it right there. I’ve long believed that our physical health and mental health are closely intertwined. Change one, and you can change the other. Are you on a formal plan of any kind? I only ask that because for me, Weight Watchers has done wonders, if only to help me plan my food intake and not get caught up in that “ah, screw it” cycle.

    And you’re right, regular blogging is a great way to stay accountable, if only to yourself. Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you on this journey.

    • Thank you so much Rick, it’s always nice when you know someone understands. No, I’m not involved in any formal weight loss plan. I’m glad Weight Watchers worked for you and good luck and continued success to you.


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