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5 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

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This is an article I found on Shape Magazine’s website. Shape Magazine is a great tool to find weight loss, dieting ad exercising tips. Here Charlotte Anderson explains how larger utensils, contrasting dinnerware, and blue plates all help you eat less. I’ve heard that eating off smaller plates helps you eat less at each meal, but I’ve never heard of the rest of those. Very interesting. Definitely food for thought!

I have some blue plates in storage that maybe I should take back out and start using. And maybe I should only use the smaller ones? That’ll be two of Shape’s tricks to help me eat less. It’s worth a try. Hey I’ll let you know if it works out for me. (Well that’s after I dig though the storage shed to find them.)

Any of these tricks seem silly to you? I can understand how most of them work, but the large utensils and the blue plate tricks are not making any sense at all to me.























Faking it (and no not that)

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No beating around the bush or witty opener, it’s weigh day so let’s get down to business. Over the past week I’ve put on a little over a pound and a half tipping the scale at 244.6. Whoa! I did do a weight routine Saturday so maybe I gained a pound of muscle??? Yeah I’m not really buying that either. My mom made some delicious shrimp and crawfish fettuccine yesterday and I CAN believe I ate a pound and a half worth of that! I did manage to avoid bringing any with me to work today though.  I know that’s not very motivational, but it’s real. My appetite has always been enormous and that’s something I really struggle with. I need to figure out how to get it in check so that I can start to make progress on my goals. And tip the scale the other way. But until then I’ll just fake a slimmer physique with fashion!

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling like I could have a seat at the Klump family’s dinner table. I have struggled with my weight and feeling comfortable with my body. As I work to make changes, I try to camouflage my figure flaws with clothing and other little tricks that draw your eye away from my expanding waistline.

Here are my tips:

Staying properly groomed and manicured. (And yes I know I’m not a dog but winning best in show isn’t just for puppies!) I think bright manicures and pedicures help give people something pretty to focus on. And if you know me you’d know I’m slightly obsessed with my eyebrows. Bringing the attention up to my hair or face with mascara, eyeliner and well-groomed brows makes me feel a lot more comfortable in my skin.

Clothing! The easiest way to conceal a larger figure is to distract from the problem areas and focus on what you’ve got, all while making your body look much more proportionate. I know the ladies with hour-glass figures don’t have to worry about proportions, but me and most other American women are not blessed enough to be in that category. I have very broad shoulders AND a slightly large chest compared to my straighter bottom half. To balance that out and look leaner I try to wear a darker colors on top so it visually balances me out a bit. And I try not to wear fussy patterns or too much detail up top. But if you have the opposite problem and you are pear-shaped (your hips are larger than your top half) you would want to wear more details and/or lighter colors up top.

Here’s my super slim- feeling outfit:

Black cardigan from Target. This is probably the exact one I have. Target is definitely my go to place for cardigans. I always know they’l l have a large selection of colors.

White short sleeve button down shirt. No picture necessary, right? Make sure it’s kinda thin and preferably no fussy details (ruffles, etc).

Grey pin-stripe pants. I always feel longer and leaner in pinstripes. And I think that outfit is slimming perfection.

This would have been a great time to share a picture of myself, but I haven’t gotten around to hiring a photographer to follow me around! But for girls with my shape (inverted triangle) White pants are awesome! I LOVE white pants. They actually make me look very shapely when a wear them with a solid color top.

JCPenny Wrap dress

Layers are a top heavy gal’s best friend. Creating a line for the eye to travel is SO slimming. But make sure you aren’t doing bulky layers because that would just make a gal like me get mistaken for a linebacker.

Here is a body type calculator I found on a prom dress post. If you figure out your type you can find out what’s the most flattering clothes for your shape. I’m a mixture of inverted triangle and rectangle so I try to incorporate the rules for both when I try to dress my best.


This is another one of my loves. I wouldn’t think this neckline would be flattering on my figure, but surprisingly it is. It’s from Modcloth. Their vintage style clothing is so flattering for women. And this dress definitely doesn’t disappoint. When I first tried it on all I thought was like wow I look a lot slimmer and so ladylike. So it’s definitely a keeper. I’m looking forward to wearing it in about a month or so! I can’t wait. Anyone have any accessory ideas? I was thinking dangle earrings, updo and maybe an oversized fancy ring?

I hope you find your perfect faking it outfits because I think I’ve got mine down. And we can fake it and look great but we still need to keep giving it our all and trying to really reach our goals instead of hiding behind cute clothes and well groomed appearances. Happy Monday! I’m hopeful that next weel’s weigh in will go a little better.