5 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

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This is an article I found on Shape Magazine’s website. Shape Magazine is a great tool to find weight loss, dieting ad exercising tips. Here Charlotte Anderson explains how larger utensils, contrasting dinnerware, and blue plates all help you eat less. I’ve heard that eating off smaller plates helps you eat less at each meal, but I’ve never heard of the rest of those. Very interesting. Definitely food for thought!

I have some blue plates in storage that maybe I should take back out and start using. And maybe I should only use the smaller ones? That’ll be two of Shape’s tricks to help me eat less. It’s worth a try. Hey I’ll let you know if it works out for me. (Well that’s after I dig though the storage shed to find them.)

Any of these tricks seem silly to you? I can understand how most of them work, but the large utensils and the blue plate tricks are not making any sense at all to me.























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