Cutting Calories

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This week went well, I focused on cutting my daily calorie consumption. I wanted to avoid making any huge changes to my life, but make small gradual changes that will be easier for me to maintain over a long period of time. What was the plan?

Well I decided to drink only water this week because I was getting too accustomed to drinking lemonade, Gatorade and other sugar-loaded beverages. A 32 oz Gatorade has an astonishing 56 grams of sugar! That’s equivalent to 13 teaspoons of sugar I was drinking daily (and sometimes twice daily). So just eliminating one a day for seven days is saving me 1,400 calories and 392 grams of sugar! That’s almost a pound every three weeks I was drinking in just Gatorade! (3,500 calories is equal to a pound)  No wonder why the pounds were piling on, that’s not even counting the cranberry juice and other drinks.

I’m not trying to eliminate beverages from my diet forever, but if I retrain my body to crave water I’m hoping it’ll curb my cravings for all the sugar loaded crap. There was a time when I mostly had only water, and then I was on better terms with my friend Mr. Scale.

The other simple change I made this week was not eating out. I think it made it harder that I was out-of-town and couldn’t run to a fast food joint on my way back to the hotel in the afternoon. But Monday morning I headed out to the grocery store and picked up a variety of fruit, plenty of water and a few Lean Cuisines. I did have a kitchen in my room but I did not feel like using the stove at all this week. By the way the Lean Cuisine pizza is quite tasty. I didn’t even miss the burger and fries I would have had instead.

My next challenge will be how well I eat when I’m back in the office next week. I work in a part of town that’s filled with many restaurants that I love to frequent as well many tasty fast food restaurants nearby. So next week I’ll try to focus and work out a new game plan so next week will go as good as this one did.

Another small changes I made this week were to make sure I took the stairs instead of the elevator, I’m only on the third floor so that didn’t take too much extra effort- I just had to overcome the lazy girl inside of me that glanced over at the elevator every time I left my room. I looked it up and it seems that didn’t burn many calories (estimates show 15-25), but I felt like I was improving my stamina. Towards the end of the week I wasn’t as winded as I was on Monday. So hopefully no more shortness of breath on Walmart runs?

Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad that I had that wakeup call in Walmart, it made me get serious and open my eyes to what I was doing to myself… I’m glad to be back and thank you for coming back with me. Have a great weekend! And let’s all keep the Gatorade to a minimum!


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