America’s next top Grill Master!

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Hey there! So I had a post all ready for you (in my head) and then I came across some technical difficulties. My laptop charger decided he didn’t want to charge my laptop anymore. So, I thought about completing my post at work on Monday, but due to meetings and a desk piled up with work that had to be done, I was unable to get it up and running yesterday. So here it is, only a day late but not even a word short!

Happy belated Father’s day to all the proud poppas out there in cyber world. I had an enjoyable day, and ended up trying out a new dish on the grill! I’m claiming myself to be a grill master in the making, even though this was only my second time grilling. My first time I put some steaks on the grill. So my first grilling adventure was a t-bone and a few rib-eyes. Please excuse the dark grill picture it was probably 8 or 9 at night when I did this.


But yesterday was my mom’s grill day. She did a whole spectrum of meats on the grill, but the adventurous grill master inside me wanted to get a chance on the grill and try something I’ve never done before as well as find something a little healthier to add to our family barbecue. I decided to task myself with throwing some veggies on the grill. I chopped up some squash, zucchini and onions. Then I tossed them with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and liquid smoke because I wasn’t sure how much smoky flavor I would get using a gas grill. Here’s what I ended up with…



They were so yummy! Here’s the lesson I learned though… if I wanted grill marks on my vegetables I needed to make sure they were all large. And it was extremely difficult to keep the onions on the grill without them falling off and/or burning quickly. You notice how some of them pretty much look raw? I gave up on them and just put the whole pan on the grill and evidently that didn’t cook them too well. So I have to come up with another method for my onions. Perhaps next time I will just wrap them in foil and throw them on the grill? I mean who really needs grill marks on onions?

My next grilling conquest will be fish. Does anyone have any good grilling stories or recipes? I know I’m the next great grill master, but I’m open to taking tips from other amateurs! And all this grill talk is making me really hungry so it’s lunch time for me! Have a good day everyone!


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