Hello world, it’s been awhile.

Over the past six months I’ve thought about writing a post many, many times. I thought about what I wanted to say or even thought of a few recipes or activities that I wanted to share. But the plain and simple truth is I didn’t. When friends asked me about my blog I said no I haven’t deserted it, I’ll get back to it before the year is out. And now there’s only 21 days left in 2012 and I decided I’ve been lazy for long enough.

I mean I do have some valid excuses for my absence from the blog… but then I realized my blogging was directly related to my weight. When I was doing well I wanted to share my success and when I wasn’t do well I needed to confess and share how I’d get myself back on track. And I haven’t written a post since July and my weight has been on a sky rocket to the moon ever since.

I do realize that I am unable to focus on more than one aspect of my life at a time and the HAS to change. This year my focus was buying a house and I am proud to announce I did that. But it was at the expense of my health. The more stressed I got about the decisions the more I begin to eat junk food and the less I went to the gym. It’s as if I forgot how a good workout actually de-stresses you. I had tunnel vision and the only thing that was important to me was getting my new set of keys.

I was happy until I saw my pictures of me at closing. Who is that young woman? She looks mighty portly. She doesn’t look like someone who takes care of herself very well. And all excuses aside, the truth is she didn’t. She accomplished a goal of hers but what about the other hundreds she has yet to accomplish? If I can only focus on one goal a year then there’s no way I can accomplish even half of them in my lifetime.

I pledge that although this was a great year for me and I really have been very happy and blessed, I am aware that it could have gone so much better if I tried harder instead of letting myself make excuses.

So there’s no excuse.

I said I had to let my gym membership go to save more money… Well there’s a park in your neighborhood that you should take advantage of for free!

My laptop broke this summer… Well I have replaced it since then so this may have been a valid excuse then but certainly not one now.

I was living with my parents and thought their style of cooking was not helpful to my weight loss journey… Well now you live by yourself and it’s up to you what you bring into your house and cook.

Between house hunting/moving and two jobs I had no time for exercise at a gym that was across town or healthy eating… Well there is that park that’s a short walk away as well as you can now cook more. Dinner party!!!

Those are just a few of my excuses I decided to share. All of my excuses are no longer valid excuses. I can’t say that I don’t have time because my commute has been cut almost in half and now I’m so close to everywhere I need to be. No more driving across town every day. Life’s good and I need to start treating myself like I appreciate this life I’ve been given before my bad choices lead to bad health which will lead to a short life. Food for thought.

Happy Holidays and I hope to talk to you again before then. No promises lol. 


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  1. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    Yay! You’re back!

  2. Welcome back! Congrats on the new house!!

  3. As always, I am so incredibly proud of you. I’m ready to get back at it with you! I’m considering joining a gym after the first of the year (Jordan is getting a CAR, FINALLY!), and the one I’m looking at lets you bring a friend for free. So you can always come with me!

    • What!?! Jordan’s getting a car??? Lol that’s too much separation right there.

      And thank you very much! I’d love to join you. OR you can come see the house and walk in my new neighborhood! (It’s safe despite the events of this weekend lol)


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