Starting fresh

I keep saying to myself oh you did it before, you can do it again. I know weight loss doesn’t have a one size fits all method but this year I’ve learned that I can’t rely what I did last year to lose weight this year. I did it once but those same techniques didn’t fit my lifestyle today. I have to adapt to my new surroundings and all the changes that have happened since then.

First of all I need to restart that weight tracker over there —> —> —> —> —> —>

And then I GUESS I have to step on the scale… Oh please pray I have the courage to share that number. Or better yet let’s all pray that I have the determination to change that number. And realize that’s just a starting point and the only tragedy will be if I remain there.

So how do I change it?

Let’s see… Meal planning, healthy snacks, exercise plan. It all sounds good. And I want to keep my scale in the kitchen instead of in the bathroom. The bathroom already has a big mirror to scare me into submission. But the kitchen has no sort of torture device so I think the scale would be perfect. And I have a nice spot in mind right in front of the refrigerator… Yes I think that’ll work.

So let me get to it. Weighing myself and updating my little section of the blogosphere. This is kind of exciting. I feel like it’s my very first time! Stay tuned… no excuses this time. (If you see me make an excuse please call me out on it)

*I forgot to add the holiday excuse, which I think is VERY valid. I’ll be looking for a solution to that problem. Any suggestions?


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