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I didn’t want to say it because I think its super cliché, but last year was the best year of my life. It’s so rewarding when you can see why things happened the way they did and appreciate that.

I know 2012 was nowhere near my last fat year but I have to be grateful because it was an amazing year for me. I’m not a person that forgets all the bad and just remembers the good; many people would actually describe me as the opposite. But in 2012 I decided to start looking at the bright side of things. I have to say when you start doing so it’s quite life changing!

I’m still overweight but I have so much to be thankful for, including another chance to get this weight thing right. I will not make any promises or resolutions for 2013, but I will say I will keep thinking positively, growing spiritually and never be caught at a standstill. Why focus on the downfalls of yesterday while today is passing away? Time waits for no one, so either I can jump on board and make things happen or wallow in my sorrow as I let it pass me by.

Happy 2013 to everyone and I hope all of your dreams become reality in this upcoming year. Let’s do this! The only difference between a dream and reality is action.


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  1. Its not cliche at all! I know you can do this and I am so proud of how far you have come and I know you will accomplish your goals!!


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