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Update: Welcome all those from Pinterest! Try out the pizza, and make sure to let me know how it goes! Happy eating!

I had a great week. I was able to follow my meal and workout plans very closely.

Six workouts in seven days, I’m pretty proud of that. Although I didn’t get to do any walking because the weather has been absolutely horrible here, but that’s a minor detail. I have to look at the progress here. I did not workout on Friday night, I split Friday’s workout up between Saturday and Sunday.

Exercising was great and all but the standout of my week had to be the cauliflower pizza. I was excited to try but I had to admit I was a but skeptical about this dish at first. But there was no need to worry, it was really good and I was absolutely surprised when the cauliflower was comparable to actual pizza dough.

I spent my Friday night at a friend’s house making pizza. Well truthfully I watched and snapped pictures as she prepared our meal. I LOVE having a good meal without having to cook.

This recipe was inspired by a few I had seen on Pinterest, including this one. But for those of you who want my personal step by step, here it goes.

The first step was to gather a head of cauliflower, an egg, Italian blend cheeses, olive oil, seasonings for the bread and your desired toppings for your pizza. You will also need a grater, (we used a cheese grater), parchment paper, a pan, and a microwave safe bowl. The original recipe calls for Mozzarella cheese but I always substitute an Italian bled instead because that’s what I keep at my house.

You take the cauliflower and grate it.


Then we put about a half of cup of cheese in the cauliflower so that it would make a more “durable” crust. And we sprinkled seasonings into the mixture to add some flavor. We used Italian seasoning blend, sea salt, onion powder and garlic powder.

Then you put this in the microwave for 3 minutes so it becomes easy to mold. Then you mix an equal amount of cheese and the egg with the cauliflower. We used one and a half cup of each for our pizzas, but I’m sure you can make it two cups or more so you can have a bigger pizza.

The next step is to place your parchment paper in your pan and mold your “dough” into a pizza shape and sprinkle so olive oil on top of it (so it can brown).


Place it in the oven on 425 degrees for 15 minutes and it’ll come out looking like this…


And now take out your pie and load it with your desired toppings and then place it back in the oven for three minutes and then you’re ready to eat!

This pizza is topped with sausage, bell peppers, black olives, and chicken. That night we made two and the other one had bell peppers, grilled chicken, and onions. Just make sure all your meats are precooked before you put them on the pizza. Another time I’ve made a pizza with just broccoli and cheese and it was still delicious. I’m getting hungry y’all!

20130115-100622.jpgThis recipe was much easier than I expected it to be and it tasted better than I thought as well. This is definitely going into the rotation in my kitchen! Have you ever made this dish before? And if so how did you like it or do you have any suggestions to improve it?


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  1. Ginger Clark

    This was really good. I added 1 cup of almond meal to the recipe because I was using frozen cauliflower and I don’t have a microwave. I put the cauliflower in a food processor and then I dumped it into a towel and wrung it out as much as I could. I also made a crust around the outside. One slice was a little mushy but I think if I played around with the temperature and the time it would’ve been perfect. I was able to pick up the other pieces in my hand. I didn’t add too much to the top….fresh tomato sauce that I cooked down (it was a little less thick than tomato paste), some fresh spinach leaves and thinly sliced mozzarella. I also sprinkled basil over all of it. Forget zucchini crust! I will definitely make this again. Thanks!

  2. After I cook the cauliflower I roll it up in a clean towel and squeeze most of the moisture out of it. This is a must if you want a crispty crust rather than a mushy one

  3. So I made this crust and loved the taste but it was mushy. Is there anything I may have done wrong or could change.

    • I’d try to adjust the cooking times… maybe 450 for 15-20 minutes and add a bit more cauliflower than cheese. I’ll make it exactly as I wrote the recipe and try to find some more tips and tricks for those who like it firmer.

  4. I was wondering if your crust was really moist after you got done cooking it in the oven.. Like were you able to pick it up and it stay togetheir?

  5. Hi, I was wondering when we add the egg? Thanks!!!

    • Hey Jill! I can’t believe no one has ever noticed I left that step out… Oops! You add the egg after you microwave the riced cauliflower. I updated the post. THANKS 🙂

  6. My friend just made this for us this weekend, yours looks way better! I agree that it was not as bad as I had envisioned. I would make it again.

  7. Charlotte | livingwellonthecheap

    OMG that looks delicious, and just might work to sneak some cauliflower into rotation without Nick balking too much. How many servings do you think are in one pizza?

    • You can make it as big as you like. We used a cup and a half of cauliflower and that was a pretty hearty personal pan size. (I’m greedy lol) we made one for each of us.
      I hope he likes it! You should cook it and not tell him what it is and see his response lol.

  8. Glad you liked the crust!!! Yours looks like it sticks together better than mine, I’m going to have to make it like you did!!!! Keep up the good work!


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