#ThrowbackThursday…The Goal

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I was scrolling through Facebook the other night and ran across these two photos. So since it’s throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share.

That's an active gal 4/20/11


5/11/11 I love this blurry pic


Man, I don’t even recognize this girl. But it’s me. I buried her under the 60 pounds I gained since then. It’s really astonishing how different I looked just over two years ago. I only wish I saw this image in the mirror today. But I’m just going to look harder because I believe she’s there and she’s begging me to let her out. She says she can’t hide in there anymore. So I have to set her free.

From now on these will be my motivation pictures. They will be on my refrigerator and on my phone so I can have access to them at all times. When the urge comes for an extra serving, a calorie rich desert, or when I just won’t get off my butt and work out I can look at this and see where I want to be. No… where I need to be.

THIS IS MY GOAL. I want to get here and this time not stop there but improve on that. That is what 219 looks like, but this time I’m going south of 200. How far??? We’ll see when we get there.

I’m on my way… Care to join?


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  1. You have decided your path, you know what you are capable of. You don’t know me- but that isn’t important- speaking from someone that has lost 100lbs, you have determination, confidence and pride for yourself, and that is all that matters.

    If you think you need to change- go for it, don’t let that mirror or anyone else stand in your way. Take your time, be realistic, and don’t burn out. Even if I can serve as one person that supports you- I will take that responsibility. This is your chance to journey through both physical and emotional accomplishments!

    Conquer your dream and update those who support you!

    -Michael Dooley


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