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Everyone has at least a few things that they think they are better at than others. Your talents and strengths that make you uniquely who you are. But what happens when you are placed in a room full of people that are much better at it than you?

I think I’m a relatively smart person, but then I’m placed in a room full of what I perceive as smarter people, my confidence falls. I’ve never been the prettiest girl in a room, but when you are in a room, but when you are in a room full of attractive people I start to feel like the ugly duckling.

I know I was never the fittest person in the gym, but now when I step inside there it feels unfamiliar. Even though at one point you’d likely to find me in that very same place at least 2-3 times a week. I was a regular.

So what happens when our confidence takes a hit from an uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation? The truth is I don’t know… I’m working on it. And I am working on it in more ways than one. I try to hold my head up and keep pushing through.

I have a problem with comparing myself to others and it is something that works to my advantage at times by pushing me forward to strive for goals that are slightly out of my comfort zone. But when I am surrounded by people who I feel are more proficient in me in any given area, all my confidence flies out of the door and I end up wanting to retreat into my little rabbit hole of sorts. So what can I do? Well academically, I’ve enlisted the help of a few peers who I believe are far superior to me in the intellectual department and can serve as a bridge to help me build my confidence and excel.

And then as far as the gym example, I think I have to just forge ahead. The first time I started going to the gym I realized it was with someone else practically every single time. And now it’s much harder because I’m doing it on my own and I have the added stigma of past failure. I can’t help but to feel like I failed at keeping the weight off. And I feel that’s even worse than never losing any weight at all. I’ve said to myself either I can wallow in my own sorrows and PERCEIVED failures or I can get up and triumph.

Taking the gym one day at a time is the best way I can think to handle the situation. And since it’s such an intimidating place nowadays I thought the early morning workouts would be best for me to start. And then I can determine when are some of the least crowded times so I can get into a routine and build my comfort level.

I was actually able to get an early morning workout in last week. Thursday morning at about 5:45am I was making my way to the gym! I am really happy that I made it because that was something I had been attempting to do for several weeks. And yes I’m happy about that, but I have a goal to workout at least once a week. It’s a small goal but I think that’s what I need right now, a small manageable goal that I can commit to. It’s Thursday and although I had a big property to walk at work and cut the grass this week I haven’t done any workouts. Why did I have to say that those activities don’t count???

The lesson of the day is something may make you feel uncomfortable, but if you identify the problem most of the time you can find a solution that can make the situation a little more comfortable or find another alternative all together!

Let me go off and stop speaking about it and be about it! I hope you’re able to find a method to make your seemingly unbearable situations more bearable.

It’s homecoming week in the good ole Baton Rouge for our two universities, LSU and Southern. But guess who’s not going to be participating in either her current Alma Mater, Future Alma Mater or any Halloween celebrations? If you guessed this girl, you’d be correct. Someone thought it was a good idea to give finals this upcoming week!            😦 Wish me luck! If you don’t hear from me next week, that means I bombed lol!

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Geaux Tigers and Go Jags!



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  2. Ditto on what Starr said! I know you have it in you. Also you are one of the smartest women I know! Like you said just dont doubt yourself because you have the abilitiy to achieve whatever you put your mind too! I always brag about you. Love ya girl and im praying for your finals!!

  3. Good luck on your finals! Weight Maintenance/healthy living is far from easy. I struggle with this very problem every day. I congratulate you for giving it another go! “Because if at first you don’t succeed……..” I’m sure you know the rest.


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