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I’ve had the idea to share this for awhile, but it seems an idea for a blog has to sit in my head for at least a month or so before I even attempt to put it on paper. Well at least the interesting ones. With today being Halloween, I thought it was a perfect time to show you my closet. 

 Here’s my closet…
10.31 182 10.31 183
And I know you’re thinking, why is she showing us this? What’s so special? This closet upsets me every single time I look at it. Well this isn’t the closet where I pull clothes from every day. This is the closet where my clothes go to die. Every single item in this closet is too small.
Isn’t it sad? So many things I used to love that I can’t even fit into now. They have temporarily been banished to the “too small closet”.
Every time I wore this I got a compliment.
10.31 188
And now…
10.31 194
It used to glide right on. And I LOVE how I’m concentrating like that’s going to help those buttons close. I can’t find a picture of me wearing this shirt, but believe me it definitely didn’t look like that.
And let’s go WAAAAAYYYYY back to these…
Miami 2011

Miami 2011

Miami 2011

Miami 2011

This was the worst vacation I’ve ever been on but, man you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t fine lol. That was then and this is now…
Everyone needs a little sparkle on their bikini bottoms!

Everyone needs a little sparkle on their bikini bottoms!

These go where?

These go where?

Yeah, that's not happening.

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Thanks for swinging by and looking at my pictures of what I won’t be wearing for Halloween or anytime soon. But I will get back into that dress! That is my favorite dress I’ve ever owned. Maybe next Halloween I can dress as me from years past!
Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

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