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My weekly goal is 5 miles. I think that is conservative enough to achieve but steep enough that I have to take 2-3 days each week to complete it. This target of 5 miles was a big factor in my birthday plans. Last weekend I spent a few days in Chicago. I had a great trip and definitely had a crash course in how to get around in the snow.


Eighteen degrees on Michigan Avenue


Walking around Lincoln Park


Realizing the beauty of snow


Another Lincoln Park shot



Southern girl meets snow

Southern girl meets snow

Chicago has a great transit system, which allowed me to walk around and get my five miles in while enjoying the city. This makes me realize how much this country girl enjoys the city. Who knows maybe when I finish school, I can finally move to a big city. And maybe even one that gets snowy.

Have a great weekend and bundle up for those southern Louisianans reading. And for those that aren’t, snow is such a rare occurrence down here when it even threatens to do so the city shuts down. So I’m at home due to my “snow day” reminiscing about my very chilly trip to the Windy City.


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  1. How are you doing on your goal? I start back walking tomorrow (Jan 26) aiming for 3 miles

    • Awesome! I hope you had/ will have a good walk today. And I’ve been doing well but had a set back last week that I will share soon. But today is a whole new week and I’m looking forward to accomplishing my goal.


  2. Did you mean 5 miles a day?


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