Not so Fat Tuesday

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No Mardi Gras for me.

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Life has a funny way of changing your plans. I had my weekend all planned out with everything I wanted to do, the places I wanted to visit and the workouts I planned to get in. But my body said you will do none of this!
I was sick for about a good week. I felt like a prisoner inside of my home. Earlier last week I did want a “sick day” or two, but boy you should be careful what you ask for. Last Tuesday is when I started feeling like something was wrong and it just progressed Wednesday. And by Thursday I wasn’t able to move around much at all. I spent Thursday until Monday literally on my couch with a few friends and family bringing me food and to the doctor for checkups.
You may wonder what was the culprit? Staph infection! Staph infection can be anywhere from a mild nuisance to life threatening. In my case, it wasn’t life threatening at all but did require medical treatment due to the area and size of the infection. This is something I’ve dealt with before, but just not at this magnitude. Walking, getting up and not to mention getting in and out of a car were all extremely painful Thursday- Sunday. Thankfully Monday- Tuesday I was in recovery mode and fully off my hydrocodone by Tuesday.
I say all this because my excessive weight puts me at a higher risk factor for these type of cysts. It is my belief that is why this one was way worse than any others I’d ever had. I weigh more than I ever have.
Crazy enough there was a silver lining to my illness… I weighed 273.8 on Wednesday 2/26/14 and then I randomly hopped on the scale when I started feeling better (Wed 3/5/14) and weighed 269.2. That’s just crazy to drop that much weight without any effort. That’s 4.6 pounds in a week with no exercise and eating whatever friends and family brought me.
My coworkers said I looked so happy to be at work on Wednesday, I said if you’d been stuck on your couch for 6 days you’d be happy to be out too, regardless of the venue. I’m so glad to be back up and at it and now I can make a conscious effort to add to that weight loss.


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