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I realize that I’ve been vague about several things in the past month or two, but in my defense, even people who know me well know I’m pretty vague all the time. Mostly if you want specifics from me you generally have to flat out ask. In an effort to share my life, struggles and triumphs I decided it was time to fill you all in on what’s been going on.

I’ve mentioned in several posts about wanting to take risks, live life more freely, pursue my dreams, etc. Notice a theme??? I’ve been behind the scenes planning and scheming on how to make all those things become a reality instead of just writing about them.

I took what some may call a big leap of faith and others may think as plain stupid decision, but I resigned from my job of five and a half years. Please forgive me for not sharing this sooner, but I’m sure you understand that I needed to make sure my employer was aware of my decision and I also had to make sure I was completely at peace with my decision.

Many people aren’t able to make such a huge leap with nothing much more than the hopes of being able to find a job when I become ready for employment again or when the money runs out lol. But seriously, I felt this was the best decision for me and I have faced many people that don’t understand or agree. Surprisingly, an overwhelming amount of my friends and family understand and support my decision. They understand I am strong willed and determined; but most of all I am not a person that is a stranger to hard work, so if I find myself in need of money or a job I trust that I’ll make that my number one priority and put everything into the hunt.

Is this a risk? Absolutely. Am I certain it will be worth it? I hope so. Do I still have a mortgage and bills to pay? Yes sir/ ma’am. I feel it is in my best interest emotionally, spiritually, physically and academically to take 3-6 months off from work. It’s crazy that I LOVE the adrenaline rush that being unemployed has given me. I know there are (and have been) times when I think I’ve lost my mind and made a huge mistake, but more than that are times when I am overly excited, tremendously happy and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

If you’re the praying type, I’d appreciate your prayers for guidance, strength and to stay motivated.

Now that I’ve spilled the beans, let me tell you what I’ve been up to for the last week and a half or so…

Health is a big thing for me right now. I’ve been working out and eating well. I have no excuse not to eat healthy and work out at least 5 times a week. But I’ll talk about that more in an upcoming post. I’m so excited there’s so much to share!

I haven’t been laying on the couch all day and watching the boob tube. Unfortunately, in the nearly two weeks of unemployment, I’ve only slept in once! Unbelievable! And that was actually a Sunday. My days have been super busy preparing for upcoming trips and finalizing other details that come with an unforeseen period of unemployment.

Did I mention travel as one of the things I plan to do while on this “Sabbatical”? It’s no secret, traveling is one of my new-found loves and I’m so delighted to have the chance to do more of it. I’m typing this post right now as a courtesy of the wifi at the Baton Rouge Regional airport. I’m awaiting my departure for a flight to Omaha, Nebraska which is where I’ll be able to meet Mr. Warren Buffett tomorrow with a group of students from LSU’s Finance and MBA programs. Am I excited? HELL YEAH! Please excuse my rambles today as I try to update you with what’s going on in Carnishaland. It’s a pretty wild and crazy place, but it definitely doesn’t get too boring here! I’m doing a weight loss bet that I plan on sharing with y’all next week. And hopefully I’ll also share some tips on exercising and eating well while traveling! Wish me luck! And I’ll say hi to Warren for y’all!



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